Sindh traders vow to resume businesses from Ramzan 15

MQM-P, JI support traders’ demand to reopen shops

KARACHI: Traders in Sindh on Monday announced that they would resume all business activities in the province from Ramzan 15.

The development came after a meeting of businesspersons was held at the office of the Karachi Electronics Dealers Association (KEDA) to hold discussions over different options for resuming businesses in the metropolis.

“At first, it was only Karachi from where the voice was raised and now traders from all over Sindh are saying they will re-open their shops from Ramzan 15,” said KEDA President Rizwan Irfan, adding that they had no other option as the provincial government had not given them a single penny in relief.

In this regard, the traders also announced the formation of a new alliance, Supreme Council of Traders (SCT).

During the session, the representatives of the traders’ alliance made a telephonic conversation with Sindh Information Minister Nasir Shah. The provincial minister assured the traders for finalising the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for reopening the markets.

According to Sindh Taajir Ittehad (STI) President Jameel Paracha, they were under immense pressure from traders to reopen shops in the province. “People are fighting with us and they will also start fighting with the government in a matter of days if they remain frustrated,” he said.

“It’s either that or suicides due to hunger,” he warned, adding that traders would lodge FIRs against the CM House.

Meanwhile, talking to a traders’ delegation that visited the MQM-P headquarters in Bahadurabad, MQM-P Convener Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said that traders should be provided with SOPs to prepare themselves to resume businesses.

“The lockdown game is now over,” he said, adding that the city now has to resume its business. He said that the revival of trade activities in the city is necessary to run the national economy smoothly.

Speaking on the occasion, trade leader Atiq Mir said that they would now open their businesses without caring for any rules. “We have to earn money to feed our children,” he said.

Similarly, the JI announced that it was launching a campaign to get businesses in Sindh reopened.

“The JI will hold a demonstration along with the trade fraternity at the Five Star Chowrangi at 3 pm on Tuesday if the provincial government does not want us to protest,” said JI Karachi chapter leader Naeemur Rehman.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Sindh government had allowed resuming business activities in the province with strict conditions attached to it during coronavirus lockdown.

According to a notification issued from the provincial home ministry, the traders have to completely implement the standard operating procedures devised for online shutter down businesses.

A prior list of the shop owners, staffers and delivery boys working at the business place should be provided to the provincial government while all preventive material, including hand gloves, sanitizers be provided to them.

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