Federal govt likely to freeze recruitments for two years

ISLAMABAD: Amid an economic crunch due to the coronavirus outbreak, the federal government is considering banning new recruitments for the next two years in order to control the expenditures.

In addition to a ban on new hirings, all employees related expenses would also be frozen till 2023, sources claimed.

Sources said that the government will be able to control expenditures around, one per cent of the GDP, through these initiatives if approved by the government.

On the other hand, this would also be a disaster for the federal government employees, including cadre officers, who want the executive allowance.

Dr Khaqan Najeeb, who has served as an adviser to the Ministry of Finance, said that room for savings in the upcoming budget has been created in interest payments of the government due to the reduction in the policy rate.

“A part of the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) can be financed through Public-Private Partnerships as well as creating money through asset recycling. Slowing growth in salaries and pensions can also help manage lower expenditures in the budget,” he said.

Structural-level state pensions of Rs421billion can be managed through creating a retirement funds market which would also help increase the country’s savings rate.

The writer is a member of Pakistan Today's Islamabad bureau. He can be reached at [email protected]


  1. it is just an eye wash. In the same breath, PM is appointing four advisors/consultants to reorganize and upgrade the ailing Pakistan Railways incurring millions of rupees expense. Instead if this money could be spent in upgrading railway crossings/gates to prevent accidents and loss of lives. On holding national assembly/ senate meetings, billions of rupees public funds wasted every year with almost zero benefit to the nation due to mismanagement of the worst order.

  2. Govt have only this solution to ban on recruitment….??? Why this is wrong step for unemployment people from govt… People will be come over age after two years…

  3. If govt ban on recruitment process this will be wrong step please raise your voice against this fool step…. Many peoples are near to over age…. After two years people’s will not be able to apply for a job….

  4. This is not wise decision. It could disappoint youths. It may also discourage students carring their their studies for seeking any employeement. If federal government carries out this decision, the provincial governments will also Follow it. Similarly, this will spread disappointment in youths accross country. It is also likely that it will pose long term negative effects for PTI government. Therefore it is strongly suggested that GOP should refrain from such decission or plan

  5. Puppet government is deceiving the public. Every statement of government is not in favor of public. May Allah destroy this government. Who gave the vote to this government are now crying and they abusing the government. Nonsense government.

  6. You’ll see that most of the parliamentarians ll become billionaires in the current crisis….they ll step up while the downtrodden ll step down towards the worst economical depressions. All this ll b the result of idiotic policies!

  7. Tm sb randi k bachy ho jo ye scheme dy rha hai or jo approve kr rha hai. Govt ko itni kharish hai na to apny kharchy zero kray hr tatto ko musheer bna lia lakhon salaries or utny e alag expenses gari fuel wagera. Phr faltu k wazeer jo arbon ka budget ly rhy hai ghatiya log. Ek bt ka jwb wo gashti ka bacha dy jis ny ye scheme di hai randi k bachay tmhary mulq mai na taleem hai na sehat hai to itna paisy maa chudy k lye dy rhy ho apny education or health ministry ko.

  8. Then who will be responsible if a candidates age surpasees nd after two years same candidate will ineligible due to over age?This is not a good policy .It will increase unemployment nd proportional to poverty.Plz produce resources of jobs .Its not compitency to freeze jobs its compitency to give employees in these crise. Strictly waiting for jobs.Regards

  9. If banning jobs in govt then there should also no new appointments by the Pm on top slots n ban on CSS too. Banning selection for arm forces too. All the govt officers declear their asets.

  10. This is pathetic and rubish disecision by the government if they r so serious then they should curtail their expenses . There r so many MNAs for nothing also let suppose if they impose such decisions as they will then what about their election compaign in 2023. Think about it mr banigala n plz en
    Jan allah ko daini hy
    Mr wada
    Etc etc sy jan churao apni aur hamari b.

  11. For All Jazbati People This News Is According To Sources. Gov ny esa koi elaan nhi kia. Fake news ki aar main patwari puna mt jhaaro. Esa ho hi nahi skta k imran khan ye step ly. Calm down.

  12. I’ve been strong supporter of PTI government but these kind of initiatives are worth condemning.This is totally rubbish as the government should cutt down the expenses of the elite and rich ministries.All this stupid and exploiting tactics are being used against the poor people who already are in hot waters.Instead of giving jobs and relief opportunity government is peeling off the God given skin of we people.Truly digust to see this pathetic steps.Government has funds to hire more ministers and advisors but level of stupidity surpasses now after this step.Thousands of candidates will become overage and then there are few living in extremem poverty or barely live hand to mouth.In these times government was suppose one and all and this has gone a step ahead to nail a iron hook in public skin.Truly shameful and painful.PM truly disgust.


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