11MFY20: US remains Pakistan’s top export destination 

Exports to US, China and UK drop by 3.7pc, 9.7pc and 8.1pc, respectively

ISLAMABAD: The United States of America (USA) remained the top export destination for Pakistani products during the first 11 months of the fiscal year 2019-20, followed by China and the United Kingdom (UK), according to data released by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

Overall exports to the US during the period under review were recorded at $3,588.819 million, as against the exports of $3,727.390 million during the same period last year, registering a decline of 3.71pc.

This was followed by China, where Pakistan exported goods worth $1,535.454 million as compared to exports of $1,701.506 million last year, showing a decrease of 9.75pc.

The UK was the third top export destination, where Pakistan exported products worth $1,491 million as against the exports of $1,622 million during last year, depicting a fall of 8.12pc. 

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Among other countries, Pakistan’s exports to United Arab Emirates (UAE) stood at $1,463.276 million ($1,250.515 million last year), while exports to Germany were recorded at $1,191.297 million ($1,210.943 million last year).

Moreover, Pakistan’s exported goods worth $825.663 million to Afghanistan ($1,101.459 million last year), $906.558 million to Holland ($886.469 million last year), $806.443 million to Spain ($857.290 million last year) and $690.365 million to Italy ($734.932 million).

Similarly, the exports to Bangladesh during the period under review were recorded at $632.888 million ($690.772 million in 11MFY19), France $395.755 million ($412.001 million last year), Singapore $158.866 million ($252.499 million last year), Canada $250.207 million ($265.638 million last year), Saudi Arabia $418.295 million ($305.007 million last year) and India $25.009 million ($307.307 million last year).


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