FBR suspends another 42 officials 

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Thursday issued notifications intimating the suspension of 42 officials.

According to reports, the FBR has suspended Islamabad Large Taxpayer Unit Assistant Commissioner IR Fahad Faizan Khan and 24 other grade-16 officers for a period of three months under Government Servants (Efficiency and Discipline) Rules-1973. 

In addition to that 17 officials of Pakistan Customs were also suspended for a period of three months under the same rules.

Suspended officers and officials belonging to Pakistan Customs were posted in Model Customs Collectorate Quetta, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Gwadar, Karachi and Directorate of Transit Trade in Peshawar.

In a separate press release issued by the FBR, Pakistan Customs under its new leadership and in coordination with law enforcement agencies including Police, Frontier Corps, Pakistan Rangers and Maritime Security Agency has launched a country wide operation against transportation, storage and sale of smuggled goods. 

FBR said that raids are being conducted on dumping places used for storage of smuggled items and Intelligence based operations are being conducted in all major cities. As a result, during July 2020 smuggled items and foreign currency amounting to Rs3,800 million were seized which is a 143 per cent increase compared to July 2019.

Earlier, during the last three days, FBR had also suspended other Customs employees over corruption allegations. 



Shahzad Paracha
The writer is a member of Pakistan Today's Islamabad bureau. He can be reached at [email protected]


  1. The whole of FBR is corrupt. Why is Pakistan suffering financially since independence.it us because of these corrupt organization.

  2. As we all know that these officers have a back of politicions . Their decision of suspension will be reviewed and will let them join again their offices. I would like to suggest you the videos of Ashir Azeem, CSP officer frop pakistan customs, now in Canada.

  3. There are 2 flaws in Pakistan one is the so moto notice of anything which is never fruitful and is just used as a showoff move by the superiors and 2nd is the suspension of any person instead of suspension remove Them from service and mark my words you will see the results and next time everyone would be alert and as a result the activities will be reduced by atleast 50 percent. In reality the judges politicians everyone is corrupt in this country
    Read the yesterday news of SHC of taking notice for Karachi drainage when the PM has called Pakistan Army for resolving the issue it clearly states that judges are also not faithful to the oath if anyone wants to take some notice please show us the results what happened after the so moto notice the answer is always nothing

  4. What is the out come of the investigation of those coustom officers suspended from Torkum check post and chaman boarder for smuggling wheat and other goods.

  5. I agree that just suspension is no punishment. These black sheep should not only be dismissed from service but placed behind bars apart from financial plenty.

  6. From top to bottom the whole system is corrupt because our government is consist upon corrupt mafia headed by big boss from PM, minister etc.

  7. Pakistan’s democratic system is a failed system which has so many loopholes that it will always allow corrupt leader and their corruption to prevail. Judiciary is open for sale 24/7. Corrupt one’s are in majority so one man can’t even help himself out then how he/she is going to look into the matters of state. May Allah guide everyone to the righteous paths as each one of them has to die one day and people if not in this world the world hereafter will have their judgment fulfilled against this corruption.


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