Chicken price rises as wedding season starts

PESHAWAR: The price of chicken has increased by Rs60 per kg in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during the last week, after the government allowed reopening of wedding halls which were closed due to coronavirus pandemic.

According to poultry dealers, the price has gone up due to an increase in demand; while on the other hand, poultry production in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa isn’t sufficient to fulfil the requirement. Traders said that up to 80pc of chicken is transported from different cities in Punjab and thus the transportation charges further increase its price.

Despite the provincial livestock department spending millions on domestic poultry in the last two years, it remained unable to meet the poultry demand in the province.

Muttahida Poultry Association General Secretary Hazrat Gul told this scribe that the domestic production is hardly 20 per cent of the total consumption of the province. He said that they decide the poultry rate in the province by adding Rs31 to rates in Chakwal city.

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Gul said that if the provincial government takes serious steps to increase poultry production, chicken rate would not be more than Rs120 to Rs150 per kg.

“The livestock department claims to have spent millions of rupees on domestic poultry scheme of Prime Minister Imran Khan. If KP government had spent such a high amount on new poultry farms, poultry production in the province would have increased to keep the prices under control,” Gul said.

Chaudhry Ahmed, a poultry supplier from Punjab, said that the prices of white chicken in KP was already high while its demand increased further due to wedding season, resulting in an even greater price hike. He said that one of the reasons behind high prices is the increase in prices of chicken feed.

Poultry rates in Peshawar was Rs131 per kg a week ago, but after the provincial government allowed the opening of wedding halls and the start of the wedding season, the demand for chickens increased, which directly affected the poultry rate. The price of chicken has gone up to Rs190 per kg with an increase of Rs20 in a single day.

Regarding the sudden increase in the price of chicken, sources said that there is no mechanism to control the chicken price due to which the dealers decide it themselves.

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