Govt approves establishment of three new SEZs in Islamabad, Punjab, Sindh

ISLAMABAD: In an effort to boost investment and economic activities in the country, the government has approved the establishment of three new Special Economic Zones (SEZs), one each in Islamabad, Punjab and Sindh, taking the total number of SEZs to 20.

The approval was given at the 6th meeting of the Board of Approvals for Special Economic Zones, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday.

The three approved SEZs include National Science and Technology Park in Islamabad; China-Pakistan SEZ in Raiwind, Punjab; and Dhabeji SEZ in Sindh.

The PM directed that provision of utilities such as gas and electricity in the SEZs should be accorded foremost priority by the concerned departments.

Earlier on September 14, PM Imran Khan had said that Rashakai SEZ will play an important role in the progress and development of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

Addressing the ceremony of Rashakai SEZ development agreement between Pakistan and Chinese companies in Islamabad, PM Imran had said that the completion of this project will promote ease of doing business in the country and facilitate the local and foreign investors. He had maintained that the development of Rashakai SEZ will help boost industrialization and create job opportunities in the country.

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  1. It is a good news indeed, but, Imran khan sahib do something practically, which actually could be seen on the ground.
    In addition to above. Khan sahib, Do you know the amount of both electricity and gas are being in our country till today? The question is. What measures have you taken in the last two years since you assumed the office to prevent these huge financial losses to the treausry?
    Khan sahib, let alone the corruption our all politicians, Army generals, Armforces and civil forces chiefs, Judiciary, industrialists, and bureaucrats have done in the last fourty years. The irony is this. Some years ago. Shahbaz sharriff as a chief minister of Punjab one day suddenly replaced an elegant Punjab police uniform with a totally disgusting uniform, which is being worn today. The question is. Doesn’t Imran khan sahib know about this fraud? Does he know the amount of financial losses it has caused to Pakistan? What has he done about at least ‘Visible Fraud’ like this to investigate. But, I personally have never heard of any news regarding it.

    • Really appreciate your points but they are blind to see that..young graduates are unemployed no professional job what we do with our 18 years of study forced to do odd jobs in arab countries

    • ye Kam bhi puranay he hain. imran khan bus bolnay k liye he aya hy. Kam ni karna ata imran khan ko or na Kam lyna ata hy.

  2. This is indeed a good step but nothing had been done for the progress of poor people. Just le excuses and announcements are being done. The country has been indebted more than the previous governments. No progress has been made so for. Just mere claims are being practised.

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