China signs contracts to buy commodities from Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: China’s State Development and Investment Corp (SDIC) has announced that it has signed procurement contracts with Pakistan and 15 other economies during the third China International Import Expo (CIIE) being held in Shanghai.

The purchase covers more than 20 kinds of commodities including grain, fruit, textiles and chemical products, according to China Daily on Saturday.

SDIC Chairman  Bai Tao said that China is committed to taking initiative in the mechanism of global sharing and enabling global cooperation to be more flexible with an open mind and measures.

“SDIC will continue to deepen cooperation in important fields and key industries with partners both at home and abroad, so as to share opportunities brought by the CIIE, go hand in hand and contribute to the promotion of global economic development and regional economic and trade exchanges,” he added.


  1. How will this benefit Pakistan? We continue to sell commodities with very little incentive to work work on increasing value for our commodities. Why cotton or yarn to China – Why not Garments and home txtiles! Why rice why not branded rice! We need countries willing to provide technology & training to upgrade our skill levels and be able to convert commodities into value added exports.

  2. Well said but our traders/ exporters are dishonest. They export not the same quality as agreed with importers. Due to their dishonesty most of the Muslim countries turned to India and Bangladesh.

  3. No body can help you if you are not willing to up grade your goods so its first step to export your available exportable goods then make next plan to how to export value added goods / hi-tech goods. Everything is possible but first you can make mind that I must do it.

  4. I agreed with the comments of Mr Yahya nobody come forwerd for our help look at Bangla Daish.
    GOD help those who help themselve.

  5. Instead of blaming others you do need to look at yourself, what have you got to offer. What skills, products and commodities you can provide which is competitive in terms of price and quality.

  6. In giving that we receive.!… Firstly upgrade reputation than expect world for any reasonable facility… We being a Muslim and Pakistani disregarded our values and respect in every corner of world, due to dishonesty and corruption. Why should world give us priority when same commodity with quality control and price available in other countries.

  7. Good discussion on our trade behaviour and conduct with international merchants in the international markets.

  8. Honesty, quality, promise to deliver on time,be fair with contract.never underestimate the them best you promised and Allah help those who help themselves.

  9. There should be no import, export tax, rather government should encourage businesses to manufacture and export and import products.
    We have to think out side the box of Capitalism to improve. Islam has all the solutions how to run a successful economy of a country.

  10. We do not have businessmen in Pakistan, we have thieves who do not do business but try to loot and grab.

  11. Well i agree with everyone here, our state should help us upgrade in terms of technology and facilities. What we lack is honesty. Most of the traders are only interested in profits and do not care about the growth needed.

  12. Strngent quality standards should be set by Government trade departments and only those who qualify should be awarded export licences. Also let businesses compete in quality to improve and exceed quality reputability. Government should oversee this and make sure they make profit but not indulge in profiteering. A pray Allah helps our beloved Nation Pakistan 🇵🇰

  13. Ow ho once more they will cheat chinese by exporting third Class and fake materials Result will put Pakistan in to valleys of lose , secondly How Pakistani ministries does not realise that they should not export Row materials, they should export Products so to achieve Hard cash

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