Exports of India, Bangladesh show negative growth as compared to Pakistan: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan has congratulated the Ministry of Commerce and exporters for achieving record growth in exports during November and December 2020, as compared to exports of India and Bangladesh.

In a tweet on Thursday, the prime minister said that exports of India and Bangladesh during the past two months – November and December – showed negative growth, while Pakistan showed 8.32pc and 18.30pc increase, respectively. He expressed satisfaction over the positive trend in the country’s exports.

Earlier on January 1, Imran had felicitated Pakistani exporters on achieving “record exports in December 2020 with a growth of 18pc over the previous year.”

“Well done and keep up this trend. A major pillar of our government’s economic policy is export enhancement and we will provide full support to promote export culture,” the premier had stated on his official Twitter handle.

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