Lahore Police launch operation, arrest most-wanted criminals

LAHORE: The Lahore Police have launched a massive crackdown on the most-wanted criminals and abettors in murder, attempted murder, robbery and other cases, Pakistan Today learnt on Wednesday.

According to details, a large number of illegal weapons have also been recovered during the raids carried out by the police to nab the wanted fugitives.

Speaking to media, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Investigation Abdul Ghaffar Qaisrani told that several accused persons of terrorism and serious crimes have been arrested, besides recovery of 59 guns, including three Kalashnikovs, and hundreds of bullets from the accused persons.

“A total of 97 accused persons, including Iqbal Ilyas Bali, Amir Fateh Tipu, Muassab Tipu, Ramzan Butt, Allah Ditta, Ilyas Hira, Ilyas Gujjar, Rafiq, Hasnain, Waris, Ejaz Ibrahim and Rana Mudassir, were arrested,”Qaisrani said.

“This was the first operation of the Lahore Police. Such operations against criminals will continue on a daily basis. The siege will also be tightened against those who provide shelter to the most-wanted criminals. The police will eradicate ‘Kalashnikov culture’ across the city as there is no place for thugs in the city. People with old enmities should have only one security guard. Criminals, extortionists and their abettors will be brought to their logical conclusion.”

The police also faced reaction over the operation from some people as after the raid on Malik Amir Khokhar’s residence in Johar Town, some local traders protested against the police and alleged that the police officials are raiding the houses of dignitaries without any evidence.

Strong reaction was also seen during the raid on the house of PML-N MPA Sohail Shaukat Butt, who later informed the media that the police opened fire in the air, smashed CCTV cameras and damaged some valuables under the guise of searching his house.

“I have never seen such terrorism by the police and the state. The police raided on my house last night and arrested my cook, chefs and six other servants. The force also entered in my uncle’s house, broke down the door and opened fire inside the house. Then they came back and shot at my house. I called the Capital City Police Officer and said that I am an elected representative and my house is surrounded by the police. But he did not respond despite assurance on the telephone,” he said.

Talking about the operation, PML-N leader Khawaja Imran Nazir said that the police should not take action against political activists under the guise of capturing land mafias and thugs.

According to sources, a complete list of all the notorious criminals in Lahore has been prepared by the police. “Earlier, a similar list was also prepared and action was taken against some influential personalities, but the personalities could not be gripped by the police. However, arrests of some personalities are now expected within a fortnight,” they said.

Earlier, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Inam Ghani had issued instructions to the Lahore Police to eradicate thugs, land grabbing mafia and anti-social elements from the society on priority basis. “The new leadership of the Lahore Police should take steps under a comprehensive strategy to eradicate serious as well as street crimes while monitoring and inspection to further improve the service delivery process should be given particular attention. Patrolling plans of Dolphin, Peru and other forces should be made more effective,” he had directed.

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Shahab Omer
Shahab Omer
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