Unbanning Tinder and LinkedIn woes – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics Twitterverse

This week, Profit tells you why it is time to unblock Tinder in Pakistan. And no, it isn’t so you can swipe around when you’re bored, nor to find the love of your life, but to find your next boss. We look at CSR photo-ops and who they exclude, the toxic mess that LinkedIn is quickly becoming, and the woes and benefits of online education. The pension time bomb Pakistan is facing also features. Ariba Shahid brings you all this and more in this week’s social media roundup. 


Say cheese 

Say cheese. It’s actually disturbing how during photo ops, the people that actually do the hard work are not in pictures and other people take credit for it. Photo ops for CSR are a prime example of this. That said, we do continue to encourage all corporations to continue the good work they do with their CSR projects. And we also know it is part of good marketing to make use of them. Just … maybe be less showboaty about it? Especially when someone else has clearly done all the actually sweating and labouring for you. 


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One day I was going for an interview …

We often think twitter is crazy, but boy are we wrong. LinkedIn is where the real craziness is at. Sometimes we think it’s a competition to see who comes up with the most absurd post. I mean why else would someone write stuff like this? The stopped-to-feed-a-hungry-dog-and-the-dog-turned-out-to-be the-interviewer gag has morphed and evolved into what we at Profit would very much like to officially declare completely and totally Cray-Cray. 


On online learning 

We don’t know how true this statistic is, but we do know that it is true. Online classes are no fun and seem like a very expensive way to watch YouTube videos. An inefficient way as well given how much better the Indian youtube uncles are at explaining things. Think about it, when you spend on university you pay for the entire experience, something you don’t get over zoom at all. 

{Editor’s note: One of the editors of this piece claims that the best university course they were ever a part of was Detective Fiction taught at LUMS by Professor Anam Haq – all over zoom. Goes to show that with the right professor and subject, online teaching can be done right. However, we doubt if any online business course anywhere could achieve the same effect } 


Achar supremacy 

Why doesn’t achar get the importance it truly deserves? Why aren’t Pakistanis creative about ways to promote local flavors and cuisines. With a long shelf life, the export potential is high too. Just needs new ways of branding. Just think about it, why would people that have never had achar not want to keep having achar if they try it once? 


Fond of fonts 

Excuse us as we gag over the font in this document. They definitely need an introductory course to formatting documents. This is not how FBR documents are to look like, in fact this is not how any document is to look like. Imagine the cringe you’d have if we printed our magazines in this font.


Unblock Tinder please 

The job market is scary. Yes, we know. And we know LinkedIn is primarily for feeding your egos than for finding a job. So what is a person to do? Boast about credentials on Tinder in hopes of matching with your new boss. Downside is, Pakistanis can’t because Tinder is blocked here. Maybe this is the way we can get it unlocked. Because let’s face it, hunting for jobs on Bumble is even sadder than hunting for them on Tinder. 


LinkedIn mania 

Way too many LinkedIn tweets this week. I think you’re at the sad stage of your life when you find LinkedIn addictive. Get well soon, Ridha. 


Pension time bomb 

Pensions were a ticking time bomb for Pakistan. I guess that is being diffused through moves made by the KPK Govt. Kudos to them. Please read the brilliant article by Zafar Masud in the last addition of Profit for more: Pakistan’s ticking pension time bomb.

Ariba Shahid
The author is a business journalist at Profit. She can be reached at [email protected] or at twitter.com/AribaShahid


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