Dukan Clocks 100,000 E-Commerce Stores Created by Local Sellers on its App

Lahore – Dukan.pk, an e-commerce startup that lets anyone with a smartphone build a web store, announced today that 100,000 small businesses in Pakistan have built e-commerce stores using its mobile app. This marks a major milestone for Dukan, which commenced operations just five months ago.

Dukan’s growing community of entrepreneurs includes both established and home based sellers from all sectors including food, fashion, electronics, and retail. By providing free of cost technology tools to sell online, these sellers can reach markets beyond their physical proximity to grow their businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of Pakistan’s economy and constitute nearly 90% of all the enterprises in the country, employ 80% of the non-agricultural labor force, and contribute to 40% of GDP annually.

Dukan is on a mission to make everyone an entrepreneur by providing an easy local language platform to digitize their business with inventory management, online payments, delivery, digital loans and advertising technology to increase orders through social media.

Led by a team of tech veterans, Dukan aims to inspire, educate and connect the growing community of emerging e-commerce entrepreneurs. Dukan believes that anyone with a smartphone has the ability to make an impact. 

Monis Rahman, Co-founder and CEO of Dukan said, “We are grateful to be given this opportunity at a critical time in Pakistan’s digital journey to help small businesses unlock their potential with our technology and financial tools.”

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