Wheat sowing being done as per schedule, food minister told

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister of National Food Security Syed Fakhar Imam on Friday was informed that wheat sowing all across the country was being carried out as per schedule and that provinces were on track to meet the assigned wheat targets.  

In this regard, Imam conducted a high level meeting with his provincial counterparts to monitor the ongoing sowing of wheat in the country. The meeting was attended by Punjab agriculture minister Hussain Jahania Gardezi in addition with representation from all provinces. 

The federal food minister was briefed that wheat sowing in Punjab stood at 51 per cent, 42pc in Sindh, 40pc in KP and 40pc in Balochistan.

Further, Fakhar Imam inquired if there were any outstanding issues that the provincial agriculture departments were facing in order to meet the assigned targets.

He was briefed that the certified seed of wheat is sufficiently available with all provinces.

The food minister said that it is imperative that a track and trace system is established to ensure maximum productivity of the agri sector in the country. 

He praised the efforts of Punjab Agriculture Minister Hussain Jahania Gardezi in ensuring that the farmers sow wheat seeds timely.

Gardezi briefed Fakhar Imam that the government of Punjab had also conducted numerous seminars to create awareness in addition with partnering with five agricultural universities of the province to mobilise agricultural students to ensure proper sowing of wheat seeds.


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