Electricity shortfall jumps to 7,641 MW

Unannounced load shedding on the rise 

ISLAMABAD: The country’s electricity shortfall has reached 7,461 megawatts (MW), it was reported by the Power Division on Friday.

According to the details, the total power generation capacity has dropped to 20,539 MW as compared to Thursday’s 22,003 MW against the demand of 28,000 MW.

Of this total, 6,900 MW is being generated from water, 8,550MW from Independent Power Producers (IPPs), 990 MW from government thermal plants, 3,001 MW from nuclear plants, and 880 MW and 131 MW from wind and solar plants, respectively. Similarly, 77 MW of electricity is being generated from bagasse power plants. 

It may be noted here that the decreased power generation has led to an increase in unannounced load-shedding periods. Different parts of Pakistan are currently facing loadshedding up to 10 hours.


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