Tax measures favoring ruling elite shows callous mindset

Writing for News International author Mansoor Ahmad criticizes the tax measures announced by the finance minister, stating that they reflect a callous mindset of the planners who prioritize generating resources that burden the have-nots instead of the haves. Despite the expectation of higher taxes among the masses, they also anticipated that the elites would also feel the brunt of the economic difficulties experienced by ordinary citizens. Ahmad notes that Pakistan is in a precarious position, where the elite with resources and power remain oblivious to the despair of the common man.

According to Ahmad, there are two types of elite in Pakistan. The first group consists of businessmen who continue to make profits regardless of the state of the economy, while the second includes the ruling elite, feudal politicians, and top bureaucrats, who do not face the same worries about price hikes or shortages as the general populace.

These ruling elite enjoy various privileges, such as free electricity, gas, and hefty mobile and petrol allowances, among other perks. They also have access to the best medical equipment and world-class treatment in government hospitals, which is not the case for the common man.

Ahmad calls for the finance minister to announce measures that cut the perks and privileges of the ruling elite, bureaucrats, and judiciary. He argues that if the country needs to generate resources through higher taxes, then the ruling elite should also bear these expenses like other citizens. Ahmad believes that Pakistan will never progress until those who govern the country experience the difficulties faced by the common man.

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