Cabinet approves appointment of Rehmat Ali Hasnie as President NBP for three years

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Cabinet has approved the appointment of Rehmat Ali Hasnie as permanent President of National Bank of Pakistan for three years. 

Sources said that the Cabinet on Monday on the recommendation of the Ministry of Finance approved a summary for the appointment of Hasnie as President/CEO NBP.

The Finance Ministry has also proposed the names of Muhammad Abdullah Ahmed and Mudassir Husain Khan as alternate candidates in case Hasnie does not accept the offer.

He started his career in 1995 from Taurus Securities Limited afterwards, He was in Pak Iran Investment Company Limited in January 2010 when he joined NBP as Senior Vice President (SVP).

His total banking (or banking related) experience was 15 years when he joined NBP on 25-01-2010 as SVP, he was promoted as “Executive Vice President”.

It is pertinent to note that Rehmat Ali Hasni has been working as the acting president of NBP since May 2022 and he was also very close to former President NBP Arif Usmain.

Appointment of President ZTBL

The Ministry of Finance has also proposed three names including Principal Candidate Tahir Yaqoob Bhatti, Naveed Qazi and Mohammad Haroon Zamir Khan to the federal cabinet after conducting interviews  of 7 candidates.

The position of President ZTBL has been vacant since November last year and the government has given acting charge to President Asad Ullah Habib for the past eight months.


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