K-Electric revolutionizes customer experience through WhatsApp integration

In a groundbreaking move, K-Electric (KE) has transformed its customer journey by integrating WhatsApp into its service ecosystem. By capitalizing on the widespread adoption of this popular messaging platform, KE has redefined the way customers engage with the utility provider, resulting in remarkable benefits for both the company and its clientele.

Upon initiating contact with KE through WhatsApp by simply sending a “Hi” message, customers are met with a dynamic numbered menu guiding them through their query or complaint resolution process. This interactive menu offers a range of options tailored to cater to various customer needs, including billing inquiries, bill downloads, reporting technical issues, obtaining power status and schedules, tax certificates, and applying for new connections. The menu is consistently updated in response to customer feedback and evolving service offerings.

KE’s commitment to inclusivity and customer convenience is evident in its additional availability of Urdu language self-service menu and Urdu chatbot, introduced based on insights gathered from Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Impressively, 43% of WhatsApp users have opted for this language option, underscoring the platform’s accessibility.

The success story of this transformation is best conveyed through the experiences of KE customers. By scanning a QR code or through single click available on various KE’s communication platform, users can swiftly engage with the utility via WhatsApp. Such interactions empower users to resolve their concerns with remarkable ease, reducing the need for direct staff engagement. The accessibility of this platform, even in the early hours of the morning, has prompted customers to embrace this avenue for efficient communication.

The results of KE’s strategic initiative are nothing short of impressive. The adoption of WhatsApp as a primary digital channel has surged, with 45% of all digital interactions occurring through this platform. An astounding 8,000 bill downloads per day attest to the seamless convenience offered. The swift uptake of the WhatsApp channel has been remarkable, with over 50,000 KE customers subscribing within the first two months of its launch.

Crucially, KE managed to strike a balance between digitalization and minimizing the cannibalization of its existing services like KE Live App. Notably, 600,000 customers transitioned from non-digital platforms to WhatsApp, with the any potential overlaps of KE Live staying below 20%.

The impact on customer interactions has been transformative. Over a year, K-Electric recorded a 65% increase in digital interactions, with WhatsApp emerging as the most active channel in its digital portfolio. Calls to the call center saw a significant reduction of 32%, and the adoption of e-billing via the chatbot surged by 15%. Customers have warmly embraced this change, with up to 350,000 monthly active sessions on the platform and a continuous influx of 30,000 new users monthly. Customer satisfaction surveys underscore a remarkable 90% satisfaction rate among users.

As KE’s partnership with Infobip continues to flourish, the horizon remains bright. The collaboration aims to further expand the utility of the WhatsApp Business Platform, tapping into the increasing smartphone user base. With more instantaneous and efficient services on the horizon, KE is poised to redefine the boundaries of customer service excellence through WhatsApp, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the realm of power utility providers in Pakistan.

Read the full case study on: https://www.infobip.com/customer/k-electric

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