Digitt+ secures commercial license from State Bank of Pakistan, paving the way for a financial revolution

Digitt+, a pioneering agri-fintech company, is thrilled to announce that it has been granted full commercial approval by the State Bank of Pakistan. This landmark achievement marks the culmination of an exciting journey that began with pilot approval, during which we onboarded 10,000 customers, facilitated transactions worth PKR 400 million, and processed 85,000 transactions. With this full license, Digitt+ is now poised to revolutionize the electronic money institution landscape in Pakistan.

Ahmed Saleemi, CEO of Digitt+ commented on this momentous occasion saying, “Receiving full commercial approval from the State Bank of Pakistan is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the fintech industry. We have worked tirelessly to develop cutting-edge technology that empowers our customers, making financial services more accessible and convenient than ever before.”

Digitt+ is set to launch its app on a mass scale, offering a comprehensive range of financial services to its customers. What sets Digitt+ apart is its dedication to inclusivity. The platform will be available in multiple languages, including Urdu, English, Seraiki, and Punjabi, ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of users. Furthermore, Digitt+ will provide audio assistance on every transaction, making it even more user-friendly for those who may have limited literacy or visual impairments. This commitment to language diversity and audio guidance truly sets Digitt+ apart in its mission to reach the masses.

Digitt+ is actively working with partners to collateralize agri receipts, ensuring that farmers can receive their payments instantly in their Digitt+ wallet, thereby benefiting the farmer.
This comprehensive offering includes access to more than 2,000 bill payment options and a versatile debit card usable across Pakistan on ATMs and POS machines. Additionally, it paves the way for forthcoming insurance products tailored for farmers. The platform also allows for the payment of all four telecom companies within Pakistan, offering mobile bundles and a host of other services designed to simplify everyday financial transactions.

One of Digitt+’s unique features is its proprietary backend experience platform which ensures a seamless and customer-centric experience. By taking control of the customer journey Digitt+ aims to provide the best possible services and financial solutions to its growing user base.

“Our mobile wallet can be opened within minutes through our app, providing individuals with access to a bank account in a matter of minutes,” Saleemi added, emphasizing the company’s commitment to efficiency and customer-centricity.

Digitt+ is entering the market with a strategic focus on farmers as its initial customer segment. By addressing the unique financial needs of this vital sector, the company aims to drive positive change and growth in the agriculture sector. Over time, Digitt+ plans to diversify its offerings and extend its reach to serve a broader spectrum of customers.

Founder of Digitt+, Qasim Akhtar Khan, expressed his enthusiasm for the journey ahead saying, “Our vision has always been to democratize finance and empower people with accessible, efficient, and innovative financial solutions. With the State Bank of Pakistan’s full license in hand, we are excited to continue our journey, starting with our agriculture-focused services and expanding to transform the financial landscape for all Pakistanis.”

Digitt+ is set to redefine the way Pakistan manages finances, offering an array of services that make banking easier, more convenient, and more inclusive than ever before. Keep an eye out for the official launch of Digitt+ and join us in shaping the future of finance in Pakistan.


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