Director Agriculture Research Balochistan under scrutiny, notice issued

Several irregularities reported in Dr. Kakar’s tenure

ISLAMABAD: The Directorate General of Agriculture Research in Balochistan has uncovered a series of alleged unauthorized actions attributed to Dr. Muhammad Qasim Kakar, who currently serves as the Director of Agriculture Research. Dr. Kakar, also holding additional charge against the post of Director Quarantine on deputation at the Department of Plant Protection, Ministry of Food Security in Karachi, has found himself at the center of controversy for purportedly violating departmental rules by manipulating appointments and engaging in dual deputation.

A notice, dated February 12, 2024, issued to Dr. Qasim Kakar has highlighted several irregularities and controversies surrounding his tenure.

The notice, originating from the Directorate General of Agriculture Research, Government of Balochistan, sheds light on various instances where Dr. Qasim Kakar is alleged to have engaged in unlawful activities without proper documentation or approval, thereby raising concerns about transparency and adherence to governmental protocols within the institution.

Foremost among the allegations is the disappearance of a Massey Ferguson Tractor (375) and a Laser Leveler from the Agriculture Research Institute’s inventory over the past two years. These vital assets, allegedly transferred to an external party by Dr. Qasim Kakar, have severely impacted the operational efficiency of the Research Wing and incurred significant losses to the Government of Balochistan’s exchequer. Authorities have urged immediate action to recover the missing equipment, alongside a demand for Dr. Qasim to furnish a comprehensive report detailing the circumstances of their transfer.

Furthermore, Dr. Qasim Kakar faces scrutiny for his involvement in an unrecorded auction of various scrap materials, including iron, wooden furniture, machinery, equipment, and field implements. The absence of documented evidence pertaining to the specifics or methodology of the auction process has raised serious concerns. Authorities have called upon Dr. Qasim to provide a detailed account of the proceeds generated from the auction, as well as clarification on the disposal of G.I. pipes extracted from the irrigation system of the Agriculture Research Institute.

In another alarming revelation, it has been disclosed that Dr. Qasim Kakar orchestrated the transfer of the Directorate of Agriculture Research’s accommodation in Qilla Saifullah to a non-governmental organization (NGO) without requisite approval. This transgression has prompted directives from the Directorate General of Agriculture Research, mandating Dr. Qasim to settle the accrued arrears in house rent for the past two years promptly, while ensuring due notification to the concerned authorities.

The allegations leveled against Dr. Muhammad Qasim, reportedly tarnishing his reputation, have sparked widespread consternation, raising concerns about potential breaches of duty, ethical lapses, and fiscal impropriety. The Directorate General of Agriculture Research has underscored the gravity of the situation, issuing a stern directive for Dr. Qasim Kakar to provide a coherent and comprehensive response within a stipulated timeframe of seven days from the date of the notice’s issuance.

In a parallel development, a quo warranto constitution petition is pending before the Sindh High Court, with a hearing scheduled for February 13, 2024. The Directorate General has initiated disciplinary proceedings against Dr. Qasim Kakar based on his alleged poor performance.


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