PBS to deploy advanced software for efficient agricultural census 2024

PBS aims to enhance efficiency and accuracy, marking a significant leap forward for the nation's agricultural sector

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) is set to revolutionize agricultural data collection with its digital approach to the 7th Agricultural Census in 2024. By integrating advanced software modules, PBS aims to enhance efficiency and accuracy, marking a significant leap forward for the nation’s agricultural sector.

A key step in this initiative was a training session held on February 21, 2024, for Census Divisional and District coordinators from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, focusing on the ‘HR and Assignment Module’. This session is part of a broader strategy to prepare for a Digital Integrated Agricultural Census, which, for the first time, combines agricultural, livestock, and machinery data into a singular effort to optimize resources.

The census will be managed by teams from Provincial governments, supported by PBS’s development of various administrative modules and data entry applications, including the ‘Supervisor and Enumerator Management System’. This system is crucial for the efficient management of field work human resources.

An orientation for this Management System was also conducted in Peshawar, aiming to ensure coordinators are well-equipped to utilize the new digital tools effectively. Feedback from participants has been positive, highlighting the system’s potential to improve operational efficiency, reduce errors, and save time.

This digital transition by the PBS is expected to set a new standard for agricultural censuses, reflecting Pakistan’s commitment to leveraging technology for sectoral advancement.

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