Court suspends notification hiking medicine prices

Lahore High Court demands reply from federal govt, secretary of health and other officials 

The Lahore High Court on Thursday suspended the notification under which the federal government allowed pharmaceutical companies to increase the prices of 146 medicines without getting prior permission from the regulators.

The court sought a reply from the federal government, the secretary of national health, the Drugs Regulatory Authority (DRAP), and other concerned officials.

In a policy shift, the interim federal government on Wednesday announced a rise in the prices of 146 critical medicines, following a directive from the federal cabinet on February 1, 2024. This decision granted pharmaceutical companies the autonomy to independently raise prices.

The government will only exercise control over the prices of 464 medicines featured in the National Essential Medicines List, ensuring that critical medications remain accessible to the populace.

This move underscored a paradigm shift in the governance of pharmaceutical pricing, potentially reshaping the dynamics of the healthcare industry.



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