Non-textile exports rise in January, showcasing diverse sector growth

Exports of gems, furniture, molasses, and handicrafts faced declines

In January, Pakistan witnessed a 4.93% increase in the export of non-textile value-added products compared to the same month last year, signaling a boost in international market orders.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics revealed that these exports, excluding food products, amounted to $553 million, up from $527 million in January of the previous year.

Despite this positive trend in January, the first seven months of the fiscal year saw only a slight 0.8% growth in non-textile product exports, totaling $3.78 billion against the $3.75 billion recorded in the corresponding months of the last year.

Significant growth was observed in several sectors: engineering goods exports rose by 14.95%, footwear by 6.14%, and gur products, not classified under food, by 19.55%.

However, not all sectors fared well; leather garments exports declined by 8.87%, and raw leather saw a 23.72% decrease.

Similarly, exports of carpets and rugs, sports goods, and specifically footballs experienced downturns of 22.61%, 8.72%, and 1.30%, respectively.

Despite challenges in other areas, the export of engineering goods in the July-January period of FY24 increased by 4.54% year-on-year. Jewelry exports saw a remarkable rise of 39.91%, and gur products also surged by 28.53%.

Conversely, exports of gems, furniture, molasses, and handicrafts faced declines.

A notable recovery was seen in cement exports, which jumped by 49.70% in the first seven months of FY24, contrasting with the previous fiscal year’s slump.

Additionally, while there were no exports of petroleum crude, shipments of petroleum products experienced a significant 460% increase.

The period also highlighted robust growth in food product exports, enhancing the international availability of essential commodities such as beef, chicken, and rice, though impacting their domestic affordability.




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