Rupee regains Rs1.87 against greenback in inter-bank trading

But the bank officials firmly believed that SBP had intervened in the inter-bank market and the rupee’s recovery against the dollar was artificial and short-lived

SBP to announce bi-monthly new monetary policy tomorrow

The bank had hiked policy rate by 150 basis points to 10pc in November last year   The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) would...

From JazzCash to Cashless – Hacker steals money from retailers’ mobile accounts

In a recent development that could undermine the government and private sector’s efforts towards financial inclusion, a fraudster siphoned off Rs15 lacs...

Market Daily: KSE 100 index drowns in a sea of red with a 1,000-point plunge

By mid-day, the fall was already above 1,000 points – the second such in successive weeks thus far.

SBP raises key interest rate by 150 basis points to 10%

Import growth declined to 5.8% during the first four months (July-October) of FY19 from 26.3% in the same period of last year, indicating an effect of recent tightening measures.

Banks’ deposits grow 8.79pc in January

ISLAMABAD: The bank deposits of scheduled banks have surged by 8.79pc, as it increased from Rs12,002,239 million in January 2018 to Rs13,057,570 million...

Three major banks are up for sale. Who will buy them?

For the first time in Pakistani history, three perfectly healthy and viable banks are simultaneously up for sale. None of them is...

What happened at Habib Bank in New York?

The Grand Central Terminal in New York is, by some measures, the largest train station in the world, covering 48 acres in...

ATM hacking’s cause HBL Rs10 million losses

KARACHI: Bank customers in Karachi have come under duress after reports surfaced a number of ATM users were defrauded after experiencing unauthorized...

HBL becomes first bank to offer credit cards through mobile app

HBL has now become the first bank in Pakistan to offer credit cards through its mobile app. According to details shared by the...

Habib Metro shows how (not) to compete against the big boys and win

Habib Metro is a boring, unexciting bank. It’s neither big nor small. Nobody uses its credit card. It won’t serve you if...

Habib Bank makes the pivot towards FinTech

Pakistan’s largest bank announces a big push into branchless banking, investments in technology infrastructure

HBL collaborates with Visa to launch QR payments service in Pakistan

HBL, Pakistan's leading bank in the digital space, and Visa, the world leader in digital payments, have collaborated to launch Visa on...

Pakistan receives final instalment of $1 billion from Saudi Arabia

A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office in October last year said Saudi Arabia had agreed to deposit $3 billion for a period of one year as a balance of payment support

CDNS unearths largest-ever ‘scam’ of Rs200 million

Internal control weaknesses, lack of reconciliation of data held in manual and computerized database led to the discovery of this fraud

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PRA collection registers 24pc growth in first half FY20

LAHORE: The Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) has collected Rs53.2 billion during the first six months of the current fiscal (2019-20), posting an increase of...