The utilities must transform

If you live in Pakistan and have recently received your gas bill, I bet you are fuming (pun intended). Gas consumers have received their...

Kill transactions, kill economic growth

Shopping malls are empty, consumer businesses are reporting losses in double digits, people are losing jobs while new ones are not available, and new...

Balance for better: Are women’s networks really needed?

Ideally, we’re all part of the human race. We all have equal possibilities in the world based on our abilities and desire. We all...

Return of the Stay at Home Mom – The Second Innings

During the time when I was desperately looking for a job, I got a call from a recruitment manager of a well-known company. I...

How Pakistan can avoid the “Dutch Disease”

Should the country soon find itself awash in hydrocarbon wealth, how it chooses to manage that surplus will be critical

Business begins at home

It is high time we shift our diplomatic focus to our own businessmen in order to achieve desired objectives of attracting foreign investors

200 million people and zero unicorns

A successful Pakistani Silicon Valley entrepreneur opens up about building the next great startup in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Basic Billionaires

How the wealthy elite in Pakistan remains unimaginative with their use of capital, and why that is holding the nation back

Under the wings of the great Jack Ma

Bykea Founder and Daraz Co-Founder Muneeb Maayr’s memoir of his time with Jack Ma – Founder and CEO AliBaba Group

Explainer: Pakistan’s twin deficits and how can they be contained?

A vicious cycle leads to these “twin deficits” which is an increase in consumption of imports, reduction in savings and an increase in foreign capital injection single-handedly deteriorates the current account balance

Daronomics and its aftershocks

A familiar mess that the PTI has inherited

Pakistan needs to get out of the comfort zone, end cycle of borrowing

Pakistan is stuck in a repeated cycle of borrowing to pay back money it already owes to other countries. The scary part - it seems like it has become too comfortable with it.

Finding cigar butts

Last week must have shaken the faint-hearted. KSE-100 Index declined by 4.4%, the Pakistan rupee depreciated to a record low of Rs131 (-5%) and most...

We have come a long way, the wrong way!

There was a time, not too long ago, when mankind exhibited a remarkable level of intelligence. It was a time when technology was feeble...

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Pakistan to export cigarettes worth $50m for the first time

ISLAMABAD: Although Pakistan has been exporting tobacco and tobacco products to various countries, now for the first time, the country is going to export...

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Shell Pakistan, Hyundai Nishat embark on landmark partnership

LAHORE: Shell Pakistan Limited and Hyundai Nishat Motor Private Limited have signed an agreement to ensure value for their customers. Bringing this global partnership...