SNGPL claims gas supply was better in 2016


It has always been foremost priority of the SNGPL management to provide round-the-clock and uninterrupted gas supply to its valued consumers. The gas supply has increased by 328 MMCFD to 1,554 MMCFD, compared to 1,177 MMCFD last year thus improving the supply to all consumers.

This year’s low pressure complains are far less than previous years due to an inclusion of RLNG in the system. Low pressures are only being encountered at tail-end areas of the network. In order to ensure smooth operations of the system, it has been decided that the RLNG supply of the CNG sector shall remain suspended till further notice.

The SNGPL in 2016 has been able to provide uninterrupted gas supply to all of its consumers including industry/textile sector after a gap of seven years owing to improving gas supply situation. The upgradation and construction works are being carried out on the war footing to ensure uninterrupted gas supply to consumers in years to come.

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We request cooperation from our valued consumers to use natural gas for the essential purpose like cooking and refrain themselves from wasting precious natural resource. It is requested to turn on geyser 30 min. before use then turn it on pilot after use.  Most of low-pressure complaints are due to compressor use or tail end areas, consumers are warned to abstain from using compressors so that continuous gas supply is ensured to all consumers.

A vigorous anti-compressor campaign is launched to halt usage of the compressor, installation of the compressor may result into disconnection.

The SNGPL is not sending inflated bills to any of its consumers. The company has been carrying out awareness campaign throughout the winter that higher consumption leads to the application of high gas tariff slabs resulting in high gas bills.

Currently, there are three tariff slabs wherein, first slab rate is 110 Rs/MMBTU, second slab rate is 220 Rs/MMBTU and Third slab rate is 600 Rs/MMBTU.



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