PIA launches ERP system


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has implemented the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to upgrade its existing systems, aiming to provide better operational control and decision support to the airline.

A ceremony in this regard was held at PIA Training Centre here last evening in which PIA CEO Bernd Hildenbrand was the chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion, Hildenbrand said that office automation is very important for PIA to enable the airline to meet present and future demands. He said that ERP system would help the PIA to attain the goal of having a paperless environment and bring efficiency to the systems by making them environment-friendly.

He said the implementation of the ERP will enable management to have better administrative control and operational efficiency, in addition to improving decision making with robust and accurate business information, integrated operations, transparency and simple easy-to-use interface.

Sharing his views on the occasion, Alvin Chia, director Oracle said that this project has been completed in a short span of 12 months, which is a record, not only in Pakistan but also worldwide. This shows the dedication and motivation of PIA team. He said the main benefit that PIA would receive through this system is a marked reduction in management reporting time.

Infotech CEO Naseer Akhtar said the level of commitment shown by the PIA management in the implementation of this project was exemplary. He congratulated the management on laying the foundation of a system that will help PIA regain its past glory.

Earlier, Chief Financial Officer and Chief of ERP, Nayyar Hayat explained that ERP solution would have several modules including financials, supply chain, maintenance management, Hyperion and BI, human resource and project management.

He said with the implementation of the ERP, the airline will now be able to ensure streamlined and optimised business operations, improved information sharing, increased supply chain efficiency, better process consolidation and simplified IT management.

He said PIA once was a pioneer in aviation management innovation. However, due to various constraints over the years, the airline lagged behind in catching up with the industry norms. It is, therefore, a milestone moment that the PIA is now becoming ERP capable, he said.


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