266.5MW of wind and solar power could be added to national grid

Five potential power companies have shown their interest by seeking generation licenses from the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA). These companies are interested in investing $368m in the country’s renewable energy sector for projects having a cumulative capacity of 266.5 megawatts. A solar project of 100MW capacity costing $103m will be initiated by Zorlu Solar Private Limited which has also applied for a license from NEPRA in this regard.

It has been learnt from sources, that Mehran Energy Limited and Hamza Sugar Mills are interested in developing and installing bagasse power plants of 26.5MW and 30MW capacity. These two companies will be investing around $35m and $30m in these projects. Also, wind farms of 60MW and 50MW have been proposed to be setup in Sindh by Metro Wind Power Limited and Gul Ahmed Electric Limited which will see an investment of $110m and $90m respectively.

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