Rice worth $107.896m was exported in July 2017


Islamabad: Rice worth US$ 107.896 million has been exported during the first month of current financial year.

Rice exports from the country during July 2017 grew by 34.74 percent as about 200,995 metric tons of rice worth US$ 107.896 million was exported as compared the exports of 164,092 metric tons valuing US$ 83.974 million of same month last year.

During the period under review, exports of basmati rice increased by 28.49 percent and reached at 30,951 metric tons worth of US$ 32.990 million.

The exports of basmati rice during July 2016 was recorded at 28,725 metric tons valuing US$ 27.731 million, according the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

Meanwhile, the country earned US$ 74.906 million by exporting about 170,044 metric tons of rice other than basmati rice, which was recorded at 135,367 metric tons valuing US$ 56.24 million of same period last year.

During first month of current financial year about 32,704 metric tons of vegetables of different kinds worth of US$ 10.330 million exported as against the exports of 32,791 metric tons valuing 8.147 million of same period of last year.

The food commodities including wheat and sugar saw tremendous increase in their respective exports during first month of the current financial year by showing 100 percent increase.

On the other hand, food group imports into the country during first month of current financial year swelled by 43.15 percent as compared the imports of same month last year.

The imports of food commodities into the country was recorded at US$ 534.693 million as compared the imports of US$ 373.512 million of same month last year.

The major food items which had registered increasing trend in their respective imports included dry fruits, nuts tea, spices, soya bean and palm oil.

The food commodities with negative growth in their respective imports including tea and leguminous vegetables (pluses) and milk cream and milk food for infants.