2nd Pakistan Banking Awards to be held in Karachi


The 2nd Pakistan Banking Awards 2017 will be held this month at a local hotel in Karachi with an aim to highlight the fundamental development of the banking sector achieved through technology based services.

Chief Executive Institute of Bankers Pakistan Hussain Lawai said, “The Pakistan Banking Awards 2017 would serve as a platform to promote, recognise and acknowledge the contribution of the banking industry towards enhancing Pakistan’s economy.”

The financial sector has done a marvellous job for the economic growth of the country and triggered its GDP so its role, contribution and achievements of the institutions should be recognised and acknowledged, he added.

Our jury comprises of people who possess relevant expertise and are undoubted, institutions in themselves. Like before, they would adopt transparent and impartial evaluation processes to select the best performers for this year’s Awards, he added.

Meanwhile, A.F. Ferguson & Co (AFF) PWC Territory Senior Partner and Chairman Syed Shabbar presented 8 award categories including Best MicroFinance Bank, Best Bank for Small Businesses and Agriculture, Best Bank for Corporate Finance & Capital Market Development, Best Customer Franchise, Best Islamic Bank, Best Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Bank and last, but not the least, the Best Bank.

It is pertinent to mention that The Pakistan Banking Awards were launched in 2016. Awards are now an annual event. Awards are given to individual banks based on their performance, broadly in the developmental, financial, and customer service related spheres.

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