SDGs programme extent broadened to union councils

ISLAMABAD: The incumbent government in wake of elections looming next year has broadened extent of development schemes to union councils in parliamentarian’s constituencies.

These schemes will fall under the purview of Prime Minister’s Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Achievement Programme, reported Express Tribune.

Initially, the government had focused on consolidating electricity and gas supply schemes in unexploited areas under the SDGs, said a senior official of Parliamentary Affairs Division.

Now the SDGs scope has been broadened to setting up of union council offices and includes fund and grant allocations for maintenance and running of public infrastructure and facilities by local government bodies.

As per the broadening of scope under SDG’s, underpasses, flyovers, manned and un-manned level crossings will be built and a decision about it was taken in November 2017.

Chairman steering committee SDGs programme apprised the cabinet about its successful execution but said requirement was felt to broaden and enhance scope of it in more areas.

He highlighted social sector segment of SDGs programme only provided provision of missing facilities for schools. Furniture and fixtures also need to be provided for higher secondary schools, new and existing ones for bolstering infrastructure of education sector.

SDG steering committee Chairman initially proposed establishment of union council and grants allocation aside funds for maintenance and operation of public facilities/infrastructure like tube wells and safe drinking water under this programme.

Furthermore, he suggested the inclusion of purchasing of latest mechanical cleaning machinery for rural and urban areas.  He also called for including in the programme the purchase and maintenance of latest mechanical cleaning machinery for urban and rural areas.


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