Only 256 MW added to national grid against allotment of over 41,000 acres land in Sindh


By Aftab Channa

KARACHI: In what seems a lethargic attitude of the provincial, as well as the private authorities towards the development of the Sindh province, more than 41,000 acres land, has been leased out to private companies to generate 2,677 Megawatt (MW) of energy through wind-power.

Interestingly, only 256 MW electricity has been added to the national grid since 2008, however, the process of allotting more lands is still going on, Pakistan Today has learnt.

According to sources, Pakistan’s 170 kilometre long wind corridor has the ability to produce at least 55,000 MW electricity and more than 49 companies have been given state lands on subsidised rates to produce cheaper electricity. However, the private companies have been claiming extension on the allotted lands instead of accomplishing the tasks the lands were allotted to them for.

The sources said that the lands have been allotted on 30 years lease under the statement of conditions notified on February 25, 2006, through the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB).

According to documents available with Pakistan Today, M/s United Energy has been allotted 2,400 acres land, M/s UEP Energy (800 acres), M/s Pakistan Wind Energy (46-05 acres), M/s Tapal Wind Energy (66 acres), M/s Titan Energy Pakistan Pvt Limited (69 acres), M/s Akhtar and Sons Group (62-34 acres), M/s China Sunec Energy Pvt (18-33 acres), M/s Fina Energy Limited (424 acres), M/s Hard Ford Energy Pvt (320 acres), M/s Three Gorges First Wind Farm Pvt Limited (50 acres), M/s Dewan Energy Pvt Ltd (1250 acres), M/s NBT Wind Power Pakistan Pvt Limited (908 acres), M/s Tricon Bostan  (3852 acres), M/s Fauji Fertilizer Company FFC (1283 acres), and M/s Iran Pak Energy (1250 acres).

Similarly, M/s Zorlu Energy has been alloted 1148 acres, M/s Hawa Energy Pvt (431 acres),M/s Trans Atlantic (1000 acres), M/s Sindh Nooriabad Power Company Gas Pipeline (50 acres); M/s H Nizam Din and Sons Pvt Ltd (710 acres), M/s Sukkur Solar Park (120 acres), M/s Norinco International Corporation Limited (2500 acres), M/s Artistic Milliners (462 acres), M/s Master Green Energy Pvt (2000 acres), M/s Technoment Kenetics (120 acres), M/s M I Solar Power Project (120 acres), M/s Thatta Solar Park (120 acres), M/s National Power & Water Company Pvt (250 acres), M/s New Generation Power (2000 acres), M/s MCC Tongsin Resources Pvt Ltd (500 acres), M/s Gull Ahmed Pvt Ltd (250 acres), M/s Metro Solar Power (250 acres) and M/s Tricom Solar Pvt Ltd (250 acres).

Moreover, M/s Tricom Wind Power Pvt Ltd (347 acres), M/s China National Power Pvt Ltd (500 acres), Hydro China XEBISE – Harvey Energy Pvt Ltd (930 acres), M/s Metro Wind Power Pvt (410 acres), M/s Gul Ahmed Wind Power Pvt (370 acres), M/s Zulaikha Energy Pvt Ltd (322 acres), M/s Din Energy Pvt Ltd (325 acres), M/s Noor Solar Pvt Ltd (330 acres), M/s NASDA Energy Pvt Ltd (360 acres), M/s Indus Wind Energy Pvt Ltd (428 acres), M/s Tapal Wind Energy Pvt Ltd (320 acres), M/s Unicol Energy Pvt Ltd (390 acres), M/s Technomen Kinetics Pvt Ltd (500 acres), M/s JPL Dewan Pvt (additional land 431 acres) and M/s Lakeside Energy Pvt (345 acres).




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