CCP serves show-cause notice to Options Café for infringing Starbuck’s trademark

CCP took action after Starbucks International filed a complaint against the cafe for infringing its trademark


LAHORE: Options Café based in Lahore has been served a show-cause notice by the Competition Commission for Pakistan (CCP) for illegal usage of Starbucks logo to attract customers.

According to a statement issued on Tuesday, Starbucks a US-based international coffee titan had formally filed a complaint with the CCP, alleging Options Coffee and More was illegally using its official trademark, Starbucks Coffee fooling consumers and damaging its business interest.

And Starbucks stated it hadn’t opened any franchise in the country.

However, CCP’s investigation revealed the café had been using Starbucks trademark prominently on its signage board, packaging materials, menus, flyers, mugs, their website and Facebook page.

Also, per the CCP’s investigation, the café was declaring to be making Starbucks coffee made in Starbucks machines using a similar method of production and providing customers with an authentic Starbucks experience.

It added, the café had violated Section 10 of the Competition Act by circulating deceptive and false information to fool customers and hurt the business interest of the plaintiff.

Options Café admitted its guilt stating it wasn’t an authorized franchisee of Starbucks International and in absence of any contractual agreement with the company, it possessed no rights to sell Starbucks coffee.

After the investigation was completed, CCP acting on the inquiry report served a show-cause notice to Options International and it has been told to submit its response in writing within fourteen days.