FFC MD elected as Director of International Fertiliser Association


ISLAMABAD: The International Fertiliser Association (IFA) during the 86th FA Annual Conference held at Berlin, Germany has elected Fauji Fertilizer Company’s (FFC’s) Chief Executive and Managing Director, Lt Gen Tariq Khan, HI (M), as a director on the Board of Directors of IFA from the South Asian Region.

FFC Company Secretary, Brig Ashfaq Ahmed, SI (M) (r) termed the development as a matter of pride for the company, the fertiliser sector, and the nation as a whole.

Representation at such levels on International forums will not only facilitate in highlighting Pakistan’s view at such an important forum but will also help in bringing in new innovations of fertiliser and agri-sector being discussed at the international level.


  1. I don’t think it’s feat to boast at all, rather something which needs to be probed.
    International Fertiliser Association (IFA) is an association. Associations are member based; like Truckers Association, Barbers Association or Farmers Association etc. The President of this Association Mr Rakesh Kapur from India is Chairman of the Fertiliser Association of India. Firstly, Fauji Fertilizer Company (subsidiary of Fauji Foundation, a charitable organization of Pakistan Army) should not be a member of this association as it is not a member based outfit. Secondly, MD FFC should not be attending this as he does not head an association some one from Pakistan Fertiliser Association should be attending it. Lastly, at least I would not like our MD FFC to be elected as a Director or even President of such associations.

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