NEPRA to approve modification in FIPL’s generation license


ISLAMABAD: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) is set to take up proposed modifications in the power generation license of Fimcotex Industries Private Limited (FIPL).

Earlier, FIPL in its request communicated the Proposed Modification (LPM) in its generation license. And, following the FIPL’s request pertain to LPM, NEPRA sought comments/opinions from all stakeholders, interested/affected persons and the general public.

According to NEPRA, FIPL has proposed to modify its generation license to supply portion of surplus power to its associate concern i-e Hyder IPG Industrial Parks Limited located within the same premises.

“FIPL has, interalia, stated that  “The company intends to supply its portion of surplus power to an associate concern namely Hyder IPG Industries Parks Limited which is located in the same premises. It is emphasised that the maintenance of a valid generation license is a critical regulatory consent without which the Company will not be able to supply its desired portion of surplus power to above named associate concern,” said NEPRA notice dated August 2 2018.

About the impact on the tariff, quality of service and the performance by the licensee of its obligations under the license, FIPL has informed the tariff, quality of service, performance and obligations of the licensee under the generation license will not be affected by the proposed modification.

It is worth mentioning FIPL has communicated LPM in its generation license (No.SGC/98/2014 dated March 11, 2014) in terms of regulation 10 of NEPRA Licensing (Application & Modification) Procedure Regulations, 1999 (the “Licensing Regulations”).