AF Ferguson celebrates 125 years of service

KARACHI: AF Ferguson & Co. on Friday celebrated its 125 years of professional services.

The event, held at a local hotel in Karachi, was attended by a large number of people from the business community, as well as by the former and current partners and employees of the firm. AF Ferguson recognized all former and current partners for their significant contributions in shaping the achievements of the firm.

“Common expectation of all our client relationships is trust, solution-oriented service with comprehensive and composite knowledge,” remarked AF Ferguson & Co. Senior Partner Syed Shabbar Zaidi. “All major business houses, regulators, international agencies, judiciary and the government trust Ferguson due to its independence, transparency, expertise and knowledge in the respective field.”

Speaking on the occasion, Packages Group founder Syed Babar Ali said, “Working with Ferguson has been a rewarding experience. I have had the privilege of knowing the firm’s successive leaderships, and I enjoy an unbroken business relationship with the firm since 1958. Being the pioneers in the field of auditing and chartered accountancy, Ferguson has set a standard that every other firm has had to emulate. I congratulate them on this landmark achievement of their journey.”

A documentary covering 125 years of AF Ferguson & Co. was also played on the occasion which included remarks from Syed Babar Ali, Finance Minister Asad Umar, Lucky Cement CEO Mohammad Ali Tabba and other business leaders.

Addressing the audience, former AF Ferguson’s senior partner Khalid Rafi said, “Integrity is the cornerstone of everything we do at Ferguson. This is something we learned from our predecessors and what we forwarded to the next generations.”

The event stressed on the longstanding relationships Ferguson has shared with their clients and honesty and integrity with which it served the community.

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