Chinese envoy rubbishes NYT’s criticism of CPEC


The Deputy Chief of Mission at the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan Lijian Zhao on Thursday defended the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) investment and said it was western countries that had pushed Pakistan in a debt trap.

Rubbishing criticism of the CPEC published in the New York Times, Zhao took issue with the article’s argument that China is ensnaring Pakistan in a debt trap and said CPEC loans constituted only $6 billion of Pakistan’s $95 billion international debt. He also refuted the stated figure of $23 billion owed to China.

In response to a section of the article that says China’s investment in Pakistan comes with “military strings attached”, Zhao said the correct way to phrase the cooperation between the neighbouring countries would be “defence cooperation and technology transfers”.

“Strings are something like Washington Consensus that your master always pulls. BTW, Chinese defence cooperation with Pakistan is not new and has been there since the 1950s,” the Chinese envoy said.


  1. Why is New York Times, a Zionist Newspaper, so damn concerned about Pakistan, or its debt? The United States owes Pakistan money? The U.S. deliberately withheld prepaid payment for the purchase of F-16 Fighter Jets, which Pakistan is yet to receive despite many requests? Paksitan is being paid under the table for providing land and sea access to landlocked Afghanistan. The Taliban is being supported by Russia? Who is the U.S. trying to fool, it has failed in Afghan miserably. The only reason the U.S. had invaded and occupied Afghanistan had been to exploit its natural resources. The United States cannot even think about attacking Pakistan as the U.S falls within range of Pakistan’s Nuclear arsenal. The U.S. is under an immense debt of China? New York Times should take pain pills for that fact, and stop aching so much for Pakistan or CPEC? The U.S. is green with envy because I has been excluded in the CPEC? Only 10 Long Range Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles from Pakistan are enough to shut the U.S’s mouth forever? had it not been for Pakistan’s Nuclear Power, the U.S. would have invaded Pakistan long ago. Even America’s whore daughter, India, fears Pakistan, especially now because of CPEC.

  2. Who should one believe New York times or a diplomat of a country who treats Islam as sickness, sends muslims to concentration camps while trying to hide it gross crime by calling the prison ‘education and skill development’ centers.


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