SBP expands National Financial Literacy Programme to all over Pakistan


KARACHI: In order to create awareness about the National Financial Literary Programme (NFLP) and to particularly sensitise the masses regarding the on-ground execution, a dedicated NFLP mass media campaign would be launched from Tomorrow (Tuesday) through print, radio and social media.

It is pertinent to mention that the programme, which was launched on pilot basis from August 2017 in 77 districts of the country, has now entered into the second year of implementation. The scope of the project has been extended to all 158 districts of the country. Education on different financial themes, including budgeting, savings, investments, debt management, consumers’ rights and obligations, Islamic banking, branchless banking and currency management, were imparted through dedicated half-day classroom trainings.

The State Bank of Bank was implementing NFLP as one of its flagship programmes to provide basic financial education to unbanked and low-income strata, especially the youth and women.

The program is funded by the Asian Development Bank’s ‘Improving Access to Finance Facility’ and is being rolled-out in different phases to complete its objective of reaching one million beneficiaries in five years, through a unique public private model, which engages banking institutions and SBP-BSC field offices to impart NFLP messages in far-flung areas of Pakistan.

NFLP aims to empower public to make better and effective decisions regarding the use of financial and allied services. Further, it would enhance competitiveness, foster innovations and increase efficiency of the financial industry to provide better financial services to financially educated citizens.

A dedicated NFLP toll free helpline and a dedicated website would also be launched to facilitate public in getting information about the programme, its features, schedule of ground iterations or any other information they deem require.


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