ICCI expresses resentment over FBR raids on business premises


ISLAMABAD: A meeting of local business community held at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) on Sunday under the chair of President ICCI Ahmed Hassan Moughal, expressed resentment against the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) raids on business premises.

ICCI executive members, former presidents, senior members and representatives of market associations were also present at the occasion.

Through a resolution, Asad Umar Federal Finance Minister was asked to stop the FBR raids on various businesses terming such tactics as harassment of the business community.

Addressing the meeting, Ahmed Hassan Moughal, President ICCI, said that instead of bringing new taxpayers into the tax net, FBR was milking the existing taxpayers for more tax revenue and thus making their life miserable.

He said if FBR has complaint against any taxpayer, the inquiry procedure was defined in the law. “However, conducting raids on business premises along with a large number of officials, taking record and computers into possession, arresting people, showing rude behavior towards the employees and sealing businesses are measures that are very insulting to the taxpayers,” he said.

He further said that when the non-filers were seeing such coercive measures of FBR against the regular taxpayers, they were preferring to evade tax payment instead of coming into the tax net.

He said if FBR wanted to take action against any taxpayer on genuine complaint, it should first take ICCI or concerned market association on board so that with mutual efforts, such complaints could be resolved.

He demanded that Asad Umar should conduct inquiry against such tactics of FBR and fines received from taxpayers coercively should be returned to them.

Speaking at the occasion, Zubair Ahmed Malik, former president FPCCI and Chairman Founder Group said that FBR raids on business premises were creating resentment in the business community against the current government.

He said government should look into this approach of FBR as it seems to be a conspiracy to pit the business community against the current government.

The business community at the meeting also condemned the terrorist attack on two Mosques in New Zealand, expressed condolences for the bereaved families and offered prayers for those who lost their lives.


  1. Government should protect businesses. Its these raids and activism of NAB and FIA that is driving away potential investors. Teams that conduct raids comprise of half witted, less educated thugs. Its just that investigations should be conducted by Chartered Accountant firms and based on Auditors’ report, FBR should initiate action owing to its lack of professionalism and ethical conduct. One visit to FBR says it all. You come across idiots enjoying free perks.

  2. the raids will not stop as punjab government had already increased their salaries more than 100 percent so in order to cover these salaries more raids will be conducted to increase revenue of government.and asad will only player with numbers .


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