Online cab services: dignified income source for educated, unemployed youth

ISLAMABAD: Online ride hailing services have proven to be a great opportunity for educated but unemployed youth, who turn to such services to earn their livelihoods with dignity.

Many youngsters, even from remote areas, have started joining these services in large numbers and are earning handsome amounts. They have entered the profession of online cab services and have become captains.

Aqib Hussain, one such young captain said, “I was searching for job since completion of my degree, but I could not get it.” With the advent of this online service many young captains are now earning substantial amounts, as much as to Rs 80,000 to Rs 100,000, he said.

Another captain, Sohail Nasir, said that even uneducated youth are getting benefit from such online cab services. “I belong to Hunza and joined this service to start earning and financing my monthly expenditures with honor.” He said that although the working hours were tough but the result was good, as in a work day of 10 hours per day he earns sufficient amount on daily and monthly basis.

Sikander, a citizen said “these online cab services are really appreciable and comfortable as they hire “really sophisticated captains.” He said that they behave very well and professionally and don’t violate traffic rules either which is necessary requirement for any good driver.

He said that travelling in outdated, private taxis customer have had to face a number of issues, including being with drivers who violate traffic rules and at times also behave rudely.

It is pertinent to mention here that Prime Minster’s Youth Program has officially started collaboration with online cab service Careem to facilitate the maximum number of youngsters to gain sources of income and improve their living standards.

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