FBR officials may challenge Shabbar Zaidi’s appointment as chairman

ISLAMABAD: The appointment of “a tax expert” as the new chairman of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has irked the tax officials, who have reportedly decided to challenge the appointment in a court of law.

According to sources, the appointment of “someone belonging to the private sector as FBR chairman was more surprising for the officials than the appointment of Ahmed Mujtaba Memon, a BS-21 officer”.

The appointment of Shabbar Zaidi, a prominent chartered accountant and former caretaker minister for Sindh, came at a time when FBR officials were unhappy over the reported appointment of Mujtaba Memon as the board’s chairman. The appointment of Memon was being opposed by senior officials of FBR, particularly the BS-22 officers.

On Monday, a placement committee comprising Adviser to Prime Minister on Establishment Shehzad Arbab, Adviser to PM on Institutional Reforms Dr Ishrat Husain, Minister Education Shafqat Mehmood and Adviser to PM on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh was scheduled to meet to decide about the new FBR chairman. It is not clear whether the prime minister proposed Zaidi’s name for FBR’s top slot in consultation with the said committee or not.

“Although there has been an FBR chairman from the private sector in the past, the appointment of Zaidi is not being welcomed by the FBR officials,” sources claimed, adding that some of the officials have decided to challenge the appointment, for which they may refer to a similar case of Islamabad High Court (IHC) in 2013.

It is pertinent to mention that IHC in 2013 had termed the appointment of former FBR chairman Ali Arshad Hakeem as illegal.

Petitioner Ashfaq Ahmed, a grade-19 officer of FBR, had challenged the qualification of Ali Arshad Hakeem. The bench, observing that the appointment of Hakeem was made without adoption of a competitive process, had directed the government to appoint a suitable person as FBR chief.

The Pakistan People’s Party government had appointed Hakeem as the FBR chairman on July 10, 2012. After becoming FBR chairman, Hakeem was also given the additional charge as secretary of the Revenue Division.

Counsel for the petitioner, Barrister Zafarullah Khan, had argued before the court that while appointing Hakeem as FBR chairman, the government relaxed at least 10 essential requirements.

However, referring to the fresh appointment, sources claimed that there was no prescribed criterion for the appointment of the FBR chairman.

On Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that Shabbar Zaidi would be the next FBR chairman. The appointment is yet to be notified, but the PM said it would be done soon.

According to details, Zaidi is a senior partner in A.F. Ferguson & Co, a member firm of Pricewaterhouse Coopers and has authored multiple books, including ‘Panama Leaks: A Blessing in Disguise–Offshore Assets of Pakistani Citizens’, ‘A Journey for Clarity’ and ‘Pakistan: Not a Failed State’.

He is well versed in Pakistan’s tax laws and key policy matters governing fiscal strategy, corporate regulations and foreign exchange regimes and has written extensively on the topics. He recently also advised the Supreme Court in a case concerning offshore assets owned by Pakistanis.

Reforms in FBR have been a challenge for the government which made tall claims of making the board an ideal institution of the country. However, despite laps of over seven months, no improvement in the taxation system is being witnessed. The FBR is currently on course to register one of the highest shortfalls of its history by the close of this fiscal year, anticipated to come in above Rs350 billion.

According to sources, former FBR chairman Jahanzeb Khan was shown the door owing to his poor performance with regard to revenue collection.

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Ghulam Abbas
The writer is a member of the staff at the Islamabad Bureau. He can be reached at [email protected]


  1. He should himself gracefully say No. Since last many months he had been licking the boots of PM to get this slot. Tax experts like him are responsible for shortfall in FBR since they would challenge vires of every section. The man who had been sitting at the doors of FBR officers will now head the team is mockery of system. Conflict of interest since he also belongs to tax advisor community. His appointment is a shame. Shame for the country, shame for FBR.

    • But main responsibility lies on persons who selected him to head Chairman FBR. Why he himself say NO. Are selectors blind?

    • These bastards in FBR were enjoying perks and rishwat for decades and whenever some body tried to put a lease on them theae fat pigs start crying

      • And who are you?? You have got a degree in abusing?? You prove your credentials then comment. FBR is not a failure but people like you who offer them rishwats, who dont want to contribute a penny in terms of taxes but would instead prefer the rishwats. Have introspection for a while and you will be amazed to find yourself at the cross path who is dishonest towards every segment of life. Never sincere to country. Will pay rishwat to police, to everyone if you find yourself in trouble. Will never stand for the right. So stop abusing. Check your conscious once.

      • Which perks… Nothing except salary.. I am in FBR and I don’t take rishwat.. I ask taxpayers to pay tax,, do not give me anything…
        Then whats the outcome .. Taxpayers do not pay tax rather they willingly give rishwat to other officers and get their work done…
        The thing is not that they take rishwat.. The thing is that nobody wants to pay tax by their will.. Even you don’t want to pay tax,, bcz you ask “what i am getting in return “..
        Therefore the problem does not lie with FBR,, its with the whole system…
        Try to think deeply you will get the results.

        • So you are saying it is OK for the officials to be corrupt since common people agree to pay bribes?
          How about this, we lock up all tax officials who take bribes, take away all their money, peel the skin of their bodies, make sure their families starve and kids beg on the streets. Then bring in a new cadre of tax officials. Once they see the condition of their predecessors I am pretty confident that they will not accept bribes no matter how much ever the tax payers insist. Your problem solved!!

          • Go and get the new cadre.. You will see the same results, bcz corruption is inherent…
            Common man does not do anything to stop corruption.. Doesn’t support good officers,, they are rather happy to bribe FBR. Why?? Why they don’t talk about bad aspect of rishwat .. Why they don’t take stand… Common man doesn’t know what tax is… It is their lawyers,, their representatives who mischiefs… Nobody condemns them… Shabbar zaidi a tax consultant.. Do you think he is very honest? Just go and see his level of corruption.
            The problem is that common man is nobody not only in the eyes of FBR but also in the eyes of government.
            You go and bring that law to issue capital punishment to the bribers in FBR,, rather than getting happy in having an outsider as chairman FBR.these lolypops won’t do anything substantial.

          • According to constitution you cannot even fire a govt employee. If this guarantee wasn’t in place, there wouldn’t be any concept of private property…successive govt would followed the path of bhutto’s nationalisation.

        • No one wants to pay tax even in developed countries. FbR is tasked to do the task,as you admitted its the people in your own department who settle people taxes by taking rishwat so its obvious where the fault lies. We are habitual to shift blame on others ,look outside not inside. If everyone start doing own works instead of poking their nose in others affairs, country will surely progress.

        • How can a tax payer pay the huge amounts that are being served through audit notices and threatening letters where income of most of them is much below.the demanded amounts ..if they dare to ask questions..they are further threatened to pass through complex and cumbersome procedures and confiscations and property sealing…so no other option to bribe the fbr officials …

          • Oh my God! With whom I am talking.. The huge demands and audit notices which you are referring are not created by FBR. Its in the law.. FBR doesn’t make law .. Legislators, respectable politicians.. They make law.
            Government set the rules,, it is responsible for the introduction of more or less ,, high or low taxes. FBR just implements the law.. If you are saddened by the audit notices and huge demands , then write it to the prime minister. I ll see what he will do to address this issue.
            Ask the government why you have imposed these high taxes on common man.Honest FBR officer is also a common man.. How could we afford these high taxes..

    • This is the main reason. This comment seems to be written by INCOME TAX INCOMPETANT They cannot tolerate that a tax expert who k ows all their deeds…high handedness is now their boss, whom they cannot cheat orcdecieve in the name of tax laws. He knows them from inside out. They eant professionals to sit outside their office for hours. This issue was raised by ex finance minister Ishaq Dar who oncecquoted his personal experience as a chartered accountant
      FBR officers are strong opponents of professionals..they have ruined professional carears of chartered accountants… 2000 auditors and IT officers working in FBR
      They need to be restricted to tax policy only…no operation no enfircement

      • What are his credentials?? What has he done? Writing two books that also copied from foreign writers?? If writing book is a credential then better ask Reham khan to head the country.
        He had been on ECL on recommendation of NAB in KASB merger case where billions of rupees have been stashed in the pockets of shabbar and his firm.
        If hes an expert and sincere then ask him to declare all his assets inside and outside Pakistan. If hes sincere then ask him to direct his own firm to pay taxes which are stayed since 2012. Ask him to take all cases from court where the billions of rupees have been stayed. Audit notices are not part of corruption but issued on the misfeclaration of taxpayers. They instead paying taxes, try to settle the things. Like you dont want to pay the challan on breaking the signal but would settle down the matters with constable. Stop lecturing people. Have introspection.

  2. Ab shabbar zaidi k dil main dard utha hai mulk o qaum ka jiska her tax case court main stayed hai. Inki apni firm 2012 se tax nahen de rahee. Court main stated hai. Ab yeh chalak ga FBR. PM bhee import ker lain. Better rahe ga.

  3. Judgments on illegal appointments:
    Chairman FBR Ali Arshad Hakeem
    Chief Executive Officer PIA, Musharraf Rasool Cyan
    Chairman and MD PTV Attaul Haq Qasmi
    Chairman Shiekh Zayed Hospital, Lahore Farid Khan

  4. Most if nit all Fbr officers are corrupt to the core..had they performed their duty…our country woyld not have to beg for financial support fromIMF WORLD BANK ADB etc. They resist change…do not change themselves and have robbed the nation in name of reforms. Recall TARP…74 million dollar loan based project. All money gone down drain..nation was further burdened by debt..zero result except increased number of posts in BPS 19, 20, 21, 22 for incompetent brigade of INCOME TAX OFFICERS

  5. Specially IRS officers are challenging appointment of professional well versed in tax laws…because he is well aware of their third rated cheap tactics which they use to extort money.
    IRS OFFICERS ARE AWEFULLY INCOMPETANT AND FIGHT WITH CUSTOMS OFFICERS LOKE KIDS ON PETTY ISSUES. One has to see their inner rivalries…actually FBR should be made policy making body while tax collection should be given to with-holding agents..who ate currently collecting taxes on behalf of Incompetant INCOME TAX OFFICERS (90-96%) at present

    • You come and join FBR, take exam and join IRS.. Take the challenge and change the whole system.. If you are so competent then why didn’t you become the part of this service.And become too smart like Shabbar zaidi who can detect the corrupt tactics of FBR.
      The officers of FBR are not imported from Mars, they are from your world.And if you can do something then instead of senseless bashing,, do something to stop corruption.Mere talk won’t help.

      • Only a worst enemy of mine would advise me to join FBR. I am happy to run family business and no wish to join incompetant brigade of income tax officers.

        • Yes you cannot join FBR for which one has to take a very tough exam of Central Superior Service. You should be happy with your family retail shop business, karyana store, which 100 %I’m sure is not registered on any NTN. Now dont ask the incomeptent officers what ntn is.

          • Haha…..look at your guesses..i am a Yale graduate..and of course would not like to be equated or join hands with BA PASS IN SECOND DIVISION ( referring to minimum entry requirement for Superior Services Exams in Islamic Republic of Pakistan..by the way one third division is allowed for selected audience )
            No to your poor guessing..the way incompetant brihade of income tax baboos estimate taxpayers records.
            We have renowned law firm and i am confident enough to plead cases in ICSID(ever heard of it???)

        • Yeah you are a yale graduate. Your smirk says all. Your father after doing all sorts of corruption in your beloved country has sent you abroad to study. I’m proud to be an honest, upright officer of FBR instead of a person like you whose parents sucks forth the blood of Pakistanis and then their sons serve the other nations. Stay over there since you are not required here.

          • My father: not from Superior service…but a middle rank officer in Airforce..was martyered in defendingvtge nation…
            My mom: a BA Pass school teacher
            My journey to Yale: fully funded scholarship..won on open / global competition
            My early childhood expenses: borne by my mom’s father..who is a lawyer and now i have transformed his work into a full-fledged law firm….
            Shame on your incorrect..poor assessments..the way you do ‘tax assessments’
            Shame on you for abusing a martyer who lost his life for second dovisioners BA pass Superior Civil Servants…possessing lots on inferiority compkexes.
            You have abused a martyer soldier of Pakistan…and ibam feeling bad to have exchanged comments with dwarfs incompetant income tax officers

          • You shouldn’t regret your posts , rather look at the way you use the language to express your opinion. It very well shows the learning process of Yale.

        • Yes from PAF, a martyred. 4 wars fought, 4 wars lost. How army inclusive PAF steals the money of taxpayers we know.
          Keep eulogising, the world says otherwise. FATF coz of the so called guardians of the state and then ignorant like you. Ignorance is a bliss. Enjoy!!
          And listen I must tell you, even if you give a try to appear in CSS exams, you will not find any honourable exit. Failed in all. Your result!! Try

          • Are you a Yale graduate?? Your language tells us as if you are from some third class peela college..
            There is always a way for talk or discussion. It’s really sad to know the mindset of people after listening to their abusive language.

          • You people derogately call your Govt. run schools , colleges as ‘third class peela school’??
            And you yourselves are ‘govt. Seperior civil servants? My goodness..this is how they treat and address institutions, run none other than by themselves.
            By the way whose failure is obvious in turning govt. schools into ‘third class peela schools / colleges’? Arn’t they managed, supervised by another class of ‘highest’ superior servants aka dmgs ( now PAS, copy cats of IAS)?? And despite travelling abroad, most of the time for cases in international courts, am cognizant of the fact that ‘they’ term ‘you’ and all other ‘not so superior servants’ as ‘peela schools’.
            Its really shameful act of yours to be bashing your own army…speciallu that soul who lost his life…defending boundaries of a country…where your claim to fame is ‘central superior servants’ )
            Do you cal all other as ‘inferior servants’ and inferior peela school??
            And yes..all Yale, Harvard, MIT, UPEN, CORNELL, STANFORD Grads may not like to appear or pass an exam designed by your masters who wanted to manage locals as peela schools. This exam was designed and targetted for applicants whose basic entry criteria is BA PASS with Second division ( some third divisioners are allowed too).
            Earn something on global open competition and put your efforts into turning your country’s institutions, not into peela school, but an institution where global audience feel pride in to partner with…

          • Yalee !! I don’t get it from which Yale you have got your degree. You are higly ill-informed regarding everything but your superficial analysis is shocking to the core.
            Gone were the days when third division BA joins civil services. Go and check the list of candidates, you will find brilliant students of LUMS, IBA, NUST , Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, GIK.. London School of Economics.Univesity of Berkeley. You name any top university of the world and you will find its students taking CSS exam and allocated to different groups.
            But one thing I know those who didn’t get admission to any professional university they become lawyers.. Sab se nalaiq nasal law parhti hai Pakistan mai.. Jabhi Pakistan ke law ka or lawyers ka ye haal hai..

          • Dear commentator, my second degree is in Law from Yale..but am a hard core engineer ( MUST HAVE HEARD ABOUT SUMMA CUM LAUDE graduates), an intermediate board topper and currently engaged in patent filining (through my own law firm) in Bay Area, after retiring as VP in a renowned technology firm at the age of 38 (yes high achievers dont wait for 60 years superannuation and begging for extensions)

            BA (2nd Div) Is the benchmark set by FPSC For SUPERIOR SERVANTS
            Please be noted if they were eyeing for exceptionals, outstandings, distinguisheds future policy makers, they would have set the bar high.
            This BA DEGREE of Pakistan even does not qualify to be accepted as a Bachelors degree at the international level. For some strange reason FPSC did not accept HEC’s proposal to raise the bar for minimum qualification to a 16 years Masters Degree ( which actually is equivalent to a Bachelors degree at global level)
            Since superior (or failed policy makers of pakistan) is to be primarily targetted for BA pass baboos. Thus group of incompetants craft policies in the field of PETROLEUM… INDUSTRIES…HOUSING AND TOWN PLANNING, FINANCE…LAW…..hence FPSC did not enhance minimum qualification requirement
            Please go and read examiners report Of FPSC ABOUT ‘yours ir your peers very own performance’ excerpts of which are copied below. The si called selected are chosen from this pool of test takers and are actuallu اندھوں میں کانا راجہ:


            Observations of Examiners on Performance of Candidates in CE-2016: The Examiners have made
            the following observations on the candidates’ performance in compulsory and optional papers opted in
            written part of the CSS Competitive Examination 2016:
            Optional Subjects
            Accountancy and Auditing-I: A significant majority of the candidates who opted for the subject seemed
            to have no prior knowledge or familiarity and therefore their performance remained below average. The
            assessment of the answer script conveyed lack of understanding of basic Accounting concepts and

            Applied Mathematics: The performance in the subject was disappointing. Out of 105 candidates that
            appeared, only 17 got 40% marks, 88 candidates obtained below 40% marks. Out of which 55candidates
            got zero marks.

            Governance & Public Policy: A new subject but overall performance of the candidates was not up to the
            mark. Most of the candidates had neither any concept nor any understanding of the discipline. Responses
            were not relevant to the questions

            Mercantile Law: The Examiners observed that a majority of the candidates did not know the subject. It
            was unfortunate that majority of candidates attempted the paper providing superficial and irrelevant
            information. They were unable to answer the questions by quoting relevant sections.

            Public Administration: The Examiner observed a
            marked deterioration in the ability of candidates to comprehend the question and to construct an answer.
            Most questions were set as analytical ones but the candidates answered based on their rote learning.

            Economics-I: Performance of 80% of the candidates was rated as poor, non-serious and without any
            serious preparation. It appeared that candidates mostly relied on their general knowledge instead of
            understanding the nature of questions that was it theoretical, empirical or required a policy perspective…..
            was a poor attempt and candidates were not able to correctly respond to theories of inflation and
            unemployment, particularly on Pakistan’s experience of inflation pre and post-70’s.”


    • What are his credentials?? What has he done? Writing two books that also copied from foreign writers?? If writing book is a credential then better ask Reham khan to head the country.
      He had been on ECL on recommendation of NAB in KASB merger case where billions of rupees have been stashed in the pockets of shabbar and his firm.
      If hes an expert and sincere then ask him to declare all his assets inside and outside Pakistan. If hes sincere then ask him to direct his own firm to pay taxes which are stayed since 2012. Ask him to take all cases from court where the billions of rupees have been stayed. Audit notices are not part of corruption but issued on the misfeclaration of taxpayers. They instead paying taxes, try to settle the things. Like you dont want to pay the challan on breaking the signal but would settle down the matters with constable. Stop lecturing people. Have introspection.

      • Bhai tum summa cum laude ho ya magna cum laude ho .. Wo tmhai Mubarak ho .. Bus dua ye karo kei ghalti se mai chairman FBR na ban jaon. Phir tmhei pata chalai ga kei INCOMPETENT hota hai ya INCOPMPETANT ( have you ever heard of it). Time will speak… Bus dua karo

  6. People of Pakistan actually paying more tax include custom duty, sales tax, sales tax on services, excise duty and income tax Income tax, as indirect tax, an expert is required to enhance tax system and collection through mainly from indirect taxes. An expert liked akber zaidi is required to run fbr and enhance collection of income tax, sales tax, custom tax, and excise tax. Without bribe system will stop because tax payer do not want to pay income tax directly, agreed to pay taxes through indirect, witholdong tax.

  7. Actually no one is discussing the real issue being confronted currently. I the approach of IK is ill directed. He understands he could run the country like Cricket or SKCHRC which wouldn’t be possible like this appointment (SZ). The appointment of new FBR Chief is most probably on the behest of Karachihites (AKD/Woods etc.)
    This wouldn’t serve the purpose as country has been dragged into Saginflation where cost of doing business has increased many fold due PKR weakness/ hike in interest rates/ higher energy cost compared to regional countries. Now a situation has created where industry or businesses are either scaling down the capacities or dragged into losses. Take examples of automobiles, cement, textiles etc. Export is not showing any growth despite one of the heaviest PKRs depreciation. Banks facing decline in cheap deposit due stringent policies for Non Filers. The current Govt would also be disaster if no steps are taken to solve the real issues. Cash crunch is so sever that despite increasing sale prices recoveries are very slow from buyers. So we shouldn’t blame anybody it is the way of handling things is wrong. Improve businesses viability, don’t make stringent laws for transactions and reduce cost of doing business every this will improve including the tax collection as transactions will increase. I think one of the worst decision was PKRs devaluation in recent which has aggravated the situation to large extent rather proving any beneficial. One more thing which is very important that all political parties must agree don’t make it political issue i.e. the denationalisation of white elephants which are eroding tax payers money. Sonnet this issue tackled the better results will emerge. Further increase in tax base is required at the earliest not like increasing only tax filers which wouldn’t serve purpose. It requires everyone to contribute for the well being of the country. It is very easy to have data of everyone for annual personal expenditures through CNIC which reflects mismatch of income and expenditure. By using this criteria every body will expose. All is possible if we are sincere and honest and follow the right approach.

    • You have given an appropriate suggestion. That’s the reality that we don’t opt for the real issues. People are suffering., economy is at stake ,Crises are looming but government is playing fun games with financial institutions. Instead of doing something substantial to curb corruption in FBR. He brought an opponent to head the FBR. We as a nation cannot afford these funny adventures. These are certainly highly serious matters and must be dealt in a serious tone.For lawyers, CA , tax consultants its a mere humour but it has serious repercussions and the time will tell the whole nation how damaging it was.

  8. all anonymous reply are seem from FBR official who are scared of system change which will hurt their bribe income.

    • Well! all anonymous replies are coming from highly honest people.And they are waiting to see and watch how a controversial outsider would play his role in eradicating bribery from FBR.For your information it will rather increase in its scope. Ok you are here and we are here, you will see the results.
      And after six months , after looking at the work of outsider, please keep stick to your statement.

    • Same applies to you as well. I am afraid the economy has gone into such a bad shape that reversal seems highly Herculean Task. Closing eyes from the from the fact is like allowing cat to catch from the neck.

      Things have gone into such a bad shape during tenor of current regime that even IMF program will not be helpful. Rather will pose more threatening conditions as news coming from their on going discussions are very alarming. Who will full fill such conditionalities as economy has gone into deep recession. We don’t realise what has happened as ground realities telling worst situation which even new economic team may not tackle as people expecting. Experience of bringing inexperienced people on the helm of country’s affairs is proving fatal. The only suffers are the people of Pakistan. Miseries are increasing for the poor nation. May Allah be kind to us bring someone who can correct things miraculously.

  9. Our so called Country’s Tax Authority (FBR) is completely failed to deliver mainly due to 02 reasons
    dishonesty of FBR officials.
    they openly make deals and take bribes from all tax evaders/non tax payers… I know an FBR middle to senior ranking officer living in Karachi Malir Cant in 500 yards askari V bungalow on rent (rent is 100,000 Rs plus) having 3 brand new hybrid cars (each worth 25 lakh plus), a cook, 2drivers, a gardener and his lifestyle is extra ordinary….so how come a govt officer can afford to have a life style like this ? the top brass of FBR is enjoying high quality of life….just start the accountability from FBR first.

    2nd reason is political influence of govts. on FBR. Previous govts never asked FBR to launch operations against tax evadors/non tax payers …coz all politically affiliated persons are powerful and no officer in FBR can serve notice to them. they both keep each other happy…..

    • Absolutely right.. Both are responsible fbr and government.. You cannot simply blame FBR alone.Secondly when you know that officer , then why haven’t you written any complaint against him. Why didn’t you condemn him?? Why didn’t You go and ask him boldly from where you have got this money??
      I am hundred percent sure you won’t do it.. Nobody does it. Try to do something substantial rather than just talking. This is the dilemma of the society.We used to talk about others but we don’t do anything to stop it.

      • My friend this is Pakistan. I have lot of other things to do. Do you think FBR top brass do not know this ? but they wont take action against each other coz that will destroy their well establish sources of illicit money…and they very well know the net loss will be of them.

        • Very well said… I have a lot of other tings to do.. What an attitude?? Then Why you are lying blame on FBR top brass,, there are many other investigating authorities, FIA, NAB, ISI , MI and Chief Justice. You can write., but nahi , nahi this is Pakistan, always follow a shortcut..
          Just mere talk and mere talk.

          • Because it is their fukng job! to dismiss those underneath them involved in taking bribes and corruption. Not the job of a common man. How hard this is to understand?

    • He might be living there. Name and shame him here. There are 100s of officers in FBR who are honest and competent enough to head this organization. When FBR failed to deliver?? They give you collection of revenue more than 4 trillion.
      Let’s take the argument of inefficiency then name any organisation in Pakistan which is delivering? Police?? Change the top brass with the commanders from Army. Talk about army. 4 wars 4 defeats. Change the top brass. What have they delivered except DHA and fauji cereals and fauji cement? Talk about judiciary and import a man to replace CJ.
      If argument goes this way then bring these so called CAs who only know plus minus, in every field to bring the change. The change we have already seen in the govt which is being governed by IMF. Why Tariq bajwa removed? He was an honest upright competent person.
      Anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of service, come through a process. Appear in exams and qualify. Come and serve nobody stops you hut we want let any outsider to usurp our seats. End of the argument.

      • He is coming to fix the institution. Had there been no problem in FBR, the regular course of action regarding appointment from civil services would have been continued. Why the 100s of honest officers never disclosed names of their colleagues involved in bribery and corruption. Why the top bosses of FBR continue to protect those underneath them and continued to tolerate the corruption in case they themselves were honest? They were all busy protecting their careers as they are within this civil services system and cannot make a wholesale change. That means something was missing and an outside measure was necessary to get that deed done. Hope you get it now.

  10. CAs only knows about plus minus (slow claps for you buddy)

    do you even know most of your colleagues working in your prestigious organisation doesn’t even know about anything written in the ordinance (which is bread and butter to them). i have faced many of your Asst. Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and Commissioners themselves and literally they don’t even know what percentage of tax falls under which section. once a very respectable commissioner from FBR served a notice to pay hefty amount of “Sales Tax” on INTEREST INCOME. inn ko yeh nahin pata k sales tax kis pe lagta hai aur income tax kis pe lagta hai. Advance tax (u/s 147) k naam pe dhamkiyan dete hain sirf apna target achieve karne k liye. i have got many stories related to incompetency of people work in FBR, SRB, PRA, KPRA and BRA.
    khair, i believe appointing SZ to chair FBR is a good step, atleast kuch parrhe likhon wale notices, orders etc hi aajaya kareinge. lol

    • Very good.. The whole government must be privatised.. Pakistan would be run by MNCs and their CEOs.. Wah zabardast.
      A.F.fergusons and their foreign agenda would be achieved. Tax avoidance ke naam per mulk o kaum ka paisa khao.. Aur parhai likhai honai ka drama kr kei poori kaum ko olo banao..jaisa ke hamai accountancy ka pata nahi hai..

      • That is not the point. Two wrongs do not make a right. FBR is an organization that contains majority of corrupt staff who takes bribes and there is no accountability whatsoever. This is a Fact that cannot be disputed. That needs to be fixed for the country to progress.

        A person’s involvement in tax evasion cases is not that big problem for a country, but an organization comprising of individuals who fully support taking bribes and protecting them from rule of law cannot be allowed to operate any further in that manner!

  11. All the ‘Anonymous’ FBR staff here are making a lot of noise regarding appointment of a Head from private sector. It is understandable, as there is fear among them that questions will be asked from them and for the first there is some semblance of accountability there.

    If that is not the case, and FBR system was running so perfect according to them, then why the hell do we all personally know so many corrupt taxmen within our neighborhood and acquaintances who make so much money and remain undercover so much so that if you visit their house, it will look normal from outside, but just a visit inside will show the kind of wealth they possess. If the system was so perfect, why we never saw anyone ever dismissed or put behind bars for earning corruption money day in day out?

    Had it been some isolated cases it would have still be tolerable. But when almost everyone is doing that from top to bottom in an organization, then its not just problematic, it’s epidemic! and the only solution that remains is to have a broad-base chop off under which some innocents may also get affected. It would be unfair to them, but that’s the only real solution for an institution so rotten to the core.

    • Unfortunately, small minds can only think small and talk small . It is understandable, as there is fear among them that their skin deep analyses would unleash their smallness of thinking. Nobody is denying the fact that FBR is corrupt institution(like so many others) but what the difference a person from private sector would make in the eradication of corruption is the main point of agony. Had it been the case , we would have accepted it wholeheartedly. It is not unfair, its fair but it is not the only real solution for an institution so rotten to the core.

      Dr Kaiser Bengali an eminent economist was so right when he said “Everybody says that the FBR doesn’t collect taxes. But this economy doesn’t have enough gunziash(capacity) to collect more taxes because the gap is big.It is true that tax has been evaded but we are a country where two-thirds of tax comes from industries and industries are being closed. Those who say that one percent people pay their taxes are basically talking about direct taxes. 15% are direct and 85% are indirect which everyone pays”. That’s the point which you people need to understand. Furthermore he continued to say that ” technocrats that don’t have their roots in the people are their for the money.”

      Therefore the appointed Chairman is simply the different face of same race. He has been appointed with specific agenda which is not for the purposes of tax collection or for the betterment of people rather than to create chaos and fuss among tax collecting authorities. As we can see the forthcoming damage which would be done to this institution after this appointment of a person who has spent his life in tax evasion but now at the verge of his career would help in tax collection. Isn’t it funny enough to digest.

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