‘Tax on token payments, registration of cars remains unchanged’

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has strongly rebutted the perception that the rate of tax for token payment and registration of cars has been changed in the Financial Budget-2019.

“After verification, it was noticed that this misperception was due to a typographical mistake which was rectified in the Finance Act-2019,” a statement issued by the FBR reads. “The rate of tax for token payment and registration of cars is the same that was charged in the previous year. There is no enhancement or reduction in the tax rate.”

The FBR further stated that no tax has been levied on private cars on the basis of seating capacity. However, the people who have not filed tax returns will have to pay double tax than the people who are on the Active Taxpayer List (ATL).

Any person who thinks he is not eligible to pay tax can inform the FBR beforehand so that he/she could be considered for exemption from payment of this additional tax, the statement concluded.

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  1. That’s not true. According to the FBR site, token tax for cars up to 1000 cc are required to pay life time tax of RS. 10,000. If previous year is considered then this means 1000cc car owners will have to pay for additional 28 yrs in advance, even if the vehicle is 15 yrs old already.

  2. Token taxes are increased, last year it was Rs348. 1600cc car, model2005, now the tax is Rs4500.

  3. 970 cc jeep suzuki
    ٹوکن 348روپے تھا آن لاٸین پے منٹ کا طریقہ کار کیا ہے
    ماڈل 1999 لاٸیف ٹاٸم ٹوکن کتنا ہے

  4. Token tax is Rs 10000 now as well as 20000 income tax for nonfiler and 1000 professional tax,so the tax which was 1500 per year,now become 31000 on the name of life time.shabber is a liar.

  5. 💯% true i went to get my Token renewed today 17/07/19 to Islamabad Post Mall F7,
    Car Model: 2007 , 1000 CC Chevrolet Joy
    They told me that we no longer handle 1000 cc cars and they will issue me a NOC and i will have to go to H8 Taxation office in order to mandatory get Life Time Token Tax which he told me is now 21000 PKR where as i told him that i am a filer. This is insane.

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