Pakistan is world’s fourth-largest freelance software exporter: Fawad

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has said his country’s expertise in the field of technology could benefit the Arab world, especially if a special technical partnership is forged with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“I would like closer cooperation with the Arab world in science and technology,” Fawad Chaudry in an interview with  Arab News.

He noted that while Pakistan and KSA already cooperate on a large scale, scientific cooperation has yet to be established. He said that Pakistan is the world’s fourth-largest freelance software exporter, “so instead of relying on Europe and USA for routine software, and pay huge money for that,” the Arab world should rather focus on Pakistan. “We will be able to bring your requirements, frankly much cheaper than what you are getting now, and the standard will be as good.” “The Arab world can benefit immensely from Pakistan’s experience.”

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He said he would like Saudi Arabia to invest in Pakistan’s education sector. “We can create a high-tech scientific park in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.”

“We can bring huge technical assistance and Saudi Arabia can take care of the budgets. This technical cooperation of Pakistan will actually solve many of Saudi Arabia’s technology problems,” he said. 

Pakistan is engaged in multimillion-dollar worth projects under the Islamic Development Bank’s (IsDB) Science, Technology and Innovation Transform Fund, which aim to help Muslim countries find practical solutions to their key development challenges through the power of innovation.

“I hope that once that fund will be available, we will be able to help many other Muslim countries,” the minister said, explaining that Pakistan wants to contribute to the smart villages concept. “We would like to give this smart village experience to other Muslim countries, African Muslim nations, and the Middle East.”

Highlighting his country’s technological advancements, the minister cited Pakistani-made unmanned aerial vehicles. He said that since drone technology in Pakistan is advanced as in Europe, “on the issues of surveillance, agriculture, and many other areas, we can immensely help the Arab world, especially Saudi Arabia.”


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