‘Konnect by HBL’ offers medical consultation and much more

There have been times all of us have gotten stuck in some bad situation and have wondered, wish I could solve this problem with my phone. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic taking over the world, the feeling is greater than ever. But let’s be honest; smartphones are our saviors. Whenever something goes wrong, we are always on the lookout for a solution for it on one app or another, and right now, we just might have found the perfect solution for all of you stuck at your homes, wanting to head out for basic necessities.

I recently found out about Konnect and all the facilities and features it is offering, the first thing that caught my eye was its Telemedicine feature where you can seek medical consultation from within the app, something that all of us definitely need, especially during these times. When our car broke down to home from the beach, my coworker was feeling sick, Konnect’s Medic Package feature saved the day.

It allowed us to video call or chat with a certified doctor through the Konnect app, and my coworker managed to get the immediate help they needed. I also discovered that we don’t even need to make runs for doctor’s appointments, we can request home visits and order lab tests sitting at home, and even order medication and have prescriptions home delivered. Talk about secure and easy solutions!

This comes as a significant breakthrough for the medical situation in Pakistan right now. Making things more accessible for people when they can’t leave their homes is improving the management of personal health in Pakistan, saving our healthcare system from collapsing. I think the people that would benefit the most from this feature are business professionals. The group tends to work for long hours throughout the week, and it would really help them manage all their medical problems. The other people expected to benefit are housewives, who in Pakistan are often in charge of managing their entire families’ health.

With everyone going through these scary times that are testing all of us right now, making a stop to the doctors for something small also seems like a big chore. But, through Konnect by HBL, you don’t have to do that anymore. You can just video call or chat with a doctor through your phone, and quarantine with responsibility, like all of us need to at the moment.

I feel these unique features make Konnect a one-stop lifestyle app. It doesn’t just offer medical consultation but also the ability to pay bills, shop online, transfer funds, and biometric cash withdrawals from an ATM.

By Kazim Salim, Karachi

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Readers Say
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