Data of 115m Pakistani mobile users put up for sale on dark web

A Pakistani cybersecurity company has come across a data dump containing information of 115 million Pakistani mobile phone users currently up for sale on the dark web.

The cybercriminal, who is a VIP member of the dark web forum where the advertisement has been placed, has set the asking price for this data dump at 300 Bitcoins (BTC) or $2.1 million.

According to the advertisement description, the telecom database was hacked this week.

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Rewterz’s Threat Intelligence team has analyzed some of the samples from the telecom database up for sale on the notorious dark web. The data includes personal information of the users such as names, contact numbers, residential addresses, CNIC numbers, and NTN numbers.

The Threat Intelligence team has noted that financially motivated threat actors are active in Pakistan and organizations with outdated cybersecurity infrastructure have become an easy target of these actors.

The team further notes that it is unclear for now whether only single or more telecom companies have fallen victim to cybercriminals. It cannot be said with certainty as well whether this data has been stolen as a result of a single breach or multiple breaches over time.

According to the given sample’s visible results, the latest data is from 2014 and none of the latest number schemes (0317, 0308 etc) are mentioned. It is entirely possible that the data is old and the claim is false.

As yet, none of the telecom operators have notified their customers that their data has been compromised.

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  1. They should have ashame of there self.They should have notify us so we be more carefull next time

  2. Admin!!! Now dont say to me that it is dangerous site located in deep dot net i have visited many times ….. sent me the link of dark web where the data is to be upload i want to buy it im thinking my girl friend data is also to be upload atleast her image will show 😂😂
    tomorrow i have visited deep web but there is no such thing related to pakistani data…. send me the link
    but i have found one thing related to corona virus….
    guys im uploading a video on how to access dark web on YouTube makes sure to watch guys

    • There’s a difference between dark web and deep web… They won’t be welcoming you to their forums just that you made a great breakthrough by accessing deep Web… There’s a thing called common sense.. U need to use that

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