Global Investment Consortium mulls investing billions of dollars in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: At the time when coronavirus pandemic has unnerved global economies and Pakistan is no exception, Pakistan holds good news for the economy as the Global Investment Consortium (GIC) plans to invest €50 billion in the country, a local newspaper reported.  

According to the report, the billions of dollars will be invested in various projects that include Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, Reko Diq copper and gold project and Diamer-Bhasha dam and power project . The report claimed that GIC investment will be equal to Chinese investment in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).


  1. Its proud for to have a great leader ship and Gernal Bajwa doctrine.i became also from miltary family.i spend almost 50years in europe.i know almost all european languges.i was little bit angry with PM for not to join kuala lampur sumit because of saudian pressure.But i appollogize on the behalfof our nation to qatar iran turkey and malaisia through letters to their Embasyis.

  2. Wow God knows how it comes after covid-19 , but it is a positive sign that multi billion projects are coming in Pakistan .

  3. Imran Khan should personally visit Singapore, we desperately need these investments especially for Dams and Naya Pakistan.


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