Business community urges govt to avoid excessive focus on construction sector

KARACHI: Business community and economic experts on Sunday appreciated Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to develop the construction sector but warned that focus on only one sector might not revive economic activities as intended.

Speaking at a seminar organised by the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce (FPCCI) Central Standing Committee on Insurance, former federal secretary finance Dr Waqar Masood Khan, FPCCI Committee Convenor Dr Murtaza Mughal and others said that the economy needs proper direction.

They said that the government needs to focus on all important sectors however, it lacks experts who can take timely and correct decisions based on ground realities.

The speakers said that the wheat crisis has surfaced again for which the inefficiency and mismanagement of the authorities is to be blamed.

They said that the Covid-19 pandemic has not damaged Pakistan to the extent it affected the economies of other countries. 

They further added that the threat of another wave of locust is on the cards which requires coordinated action from the government and relevant authorities.

Dr Murtaza Mughal who chaired the seminar said that the coronavirus has brought to limelight the need for health insurance which should be made mandatory by the government.



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