Counselling organisations helping students embark on int’l academic journey

The demands of academic life are considered to be increasingly stressful for students in higher education; they have to go through a complex transition while facing various issues including the pressure asserted by parents and the school system itself in choosing the most promising area of interest for future studies.

This pressure is real, be it from families, colleagues, education system, or culture, to choose one perfect career path. To find a job that does it all: engages talents, secures future, and reflects well on family. Students are led to believe that if they fall short of this perfection they are depriving themselves of happiness and not living up to their true potential. That if they only earn a high school diploma, they will never know the esteem of a university degree.

For this very reason, student counselling organisations are determined in changing the course of education not only globally but in the Pakistani education sector as well, by providing students with in-depth knowledge regarding the international academic path best suitable for them, keeping in view their area of interest, aspirations, qualifications and passion. One such organization OJ Education Services is making waves in Pakistan. In collaboration with Castle Hill Global-UK, OJ Education Services provides free of charge counselling and application services to Pakistani students who wish to pursue higher education in 150+ universities across UK, USA, Australia, Canada & New Zealand. With an office setup in the heart of Lahore, this organization is striving every day in helping students to refine their university choices by guiding, supporting and utilizing their potential to the maximum of their abilities.


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