PIA plans direct flight from Karachi to Skardu

KARACHI: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Sunday said that it plans to operate direct flights from Karachi to Skardu.

PIA Chief Operating Officer Arshad Malik directed PIA sales manager to make arrangements for direct flights between the two cities, a TV channel reported.

The national carrier will operate Airbus 320 for the twice a week flights between the southern port city of Karachi and Skardu.

According to reports, it has been decided that in case of bad weather flights will be diverted to the Islamabad International Airport.

According to a PIA spokesperson, Gilgit Baltistan residents in Karachi will get special facilities to avail the direct flight from Karachi to Skardu.

Prior to this announcement, one flight per day from Islamabad to Skardu was already in operation. 



  1. I am a Muslims. I am Pakistan country but I like my favourite city sheikhupura. I was Born in city sheikhupura. My education complaint in city sheikhupura.

  2. The weather can change abruptly in Skardu in that case will it be landing in Islamabad airport or fly back to Karachi? Because Gilgit airport is not suitable for A320 landing.

  3. Masha Allah a great step forward! Skardu, Baltistan, Gilgit has never been occupied by Pakistan as it belongs to Pakistan. Sadly previous governments who were enenies of Pakistan never gave any priority to these region but NOW WE DO! INSHA ALLAH now we will take parts of India as well with China!

    Brother from Shekhupura, I got your message thst you want an Airport in Shekhupura! Right? I will do a good word for you!


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