FIA finds Rs9.5bn in bank accounts of Suleman Shahbaz’s employees

ISLAMABAD: The banking crime circle of the Federal Investigation Agency has discovered billions of rupees stashed in bank accounts of staffers of Suleman Shahbaz, the son of PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif, it emerged on Monday.

Reports suggest the agency found a staggering Rs9.5 billion in bank accounts of staffers working at the Ramazan and Al-Arabia Sugar Mills.

Providing a breakdown of the amount, the agency said, Rs2.3 billion was found in a bank account of a peon, Maqsood, who also purchased a luxury car worth more than Rs15 million.

A sum of Rs1 billion was discovered in an account owned by Shahbaz’s clerk Shabbir Qureshi while Rs240 million was found in the account of another employee, Rana Wasim.

According to reports, the agency has referred the matter to a combined investigation team (CIT) in addition to seeking details of accounts of the employees in various banks. It has also directed the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) to submit details of companies owned by Shahbaz.


  1. Kia Bakwaas hai. There is no law that prohibits the practice. If a peon has a Billion in his account, it cannot be siezed automatically even if the peon disowns the money. Did Falooda account money siezed.
    Change the fu**ing law.

    • It’s people like you who support these criminal looters of the country called politicians. They have treated the country like a prostitute.
      F you all.

    • What are you smoking? concealing funds in someone else’s account is a crime! the A** hole will get away from it as there would be no proof that its actually his funds, atleast a small dent in his fortune, please donate the money to the needy

    • Every penny has to have the source explained, have you ever filed taxes? I am sure not. I sometimes have trouble explaining a few thousand that I have mistakenly put in the wrong head, can’t imagine a billion….

  2. Why not take immediate action of confiscating the money. What are they waiting for. Some sort of signal from almighty or portion of the corrupt Money as bribe.

  3. Needs deep thinking. Let us hand over Pakistan to a group who is not worried out anything like constitutional rule of law and let them sort all this out

  4. Nothing will happen to him. He will get away with it like the moron called Zardari and a puff called bilawal. Only the corrupt survive in Pakistan. We need a Castro in Pakistan

  5. I thought tax evasion and money laundering is a punishable offence. Well turns out not for politicians. We need law to be tightened or a tougher leader the likes of Hadrat Umar al khatab RA Farooq e Azam. the clerk can open a food bank for the poor. Imagine how many he can feed with the billions.

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