Naveena Steel aims to build a modern Pakistan

KARACHI: Witnessing a developed Pakistan has been a dream for many and a top priority for others. In light of the current crisis that surrounds the world, Pakistan is struggling to stay ahead of various macroeconomic challenges. Naveena Steel has stepped in to bring state-of-the-art construction to Pakistan. They have identified the potential in the steel industry and are committed to its growth with their ideology of “New Strength for a New Age”.

The construction industry is the second largest sector in Pakistan, therefore, stakeholders recognize the potential of growth in this industry. With the demand of steel being around 8.4 million tons, the local production varies between 3 to 4 million tons, giving Naveena Group another reason to enter the steel industry. Additionally, it has been forecasted that the real annual growth rate of Pakistan’s construction industry will be at an average of 8.9% over the next 5 years, giving Naveena Steel the opportunity to further explore and contribute to Pakistan’s GDP.

Moreover, as the coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted businesses world over, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent construction incentive acts as a major motivation for the construction industry as it incorporates an endowment of Rs. 30 billion for the Naya Pakistan Housing Project. The primary objective of NPHP is to provide housing to the common man and will surge the demand for steel & cement. Naveena Steel has stepped into the industry aiming to become a top-of-mind steel producer for every commercial and residential project. They are equipped with the latest Direct Rolling Technology with induction heating system, guaranteeing better quality steel rebars with improved yield, quality, productivity and cost-efficiency giving it a competitive edge over existing setups.

Construction in Pakistan often fluctuates with delays in project completion. This is usually due to a lack of good quality construction material and the delivery timeline. However, Naveena Steel has identified the need for better quality steel bars in Pakistan in order to build modern, state-of-the-art structures and buildings. Certified by PSQCA and ISO 9001, Naveena Steel rebars are based on ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) Standards and British Standards, making a mark in the international market.

Produced in an Italian manufacturing plant with a capacity of 300,000 TPA located at Port Qasim, Naveena Steel rebars go through some of the most modern and progressive processes. With climate change being a global challenge, Naveena Steel ensures that its steel is produced in compliance with sustainability, by using technologies that help mitigate their carbon footprint. Their plant also guarantees zero liquid discharge by ensuring maximum water recycling. By using all the latest technology, Naveena Steel ensures to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, which is highly beneficial in the long run for both, the company and the environment.

Naveena Steel rebars are ideal for both, commercial and residential projects, and with controlled strength, ductility and flexibility, they are also earthquake-resistant, which is in sync with the company’s pledge of “New Strength for a New Age”.

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Vowing to contribute to the steel industry, Naveena Steel aims to build a stronger and modern Pakistan, in line with international standards of development while also looking after the well-being of the nation. They have also taken up community initiatives and offer development and financial support to 1,500 students of The Citizens Foundation while aiming for up to 5,000 in the near future.









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