Practical education 

It’s the fact that practicing is required for everyone to understand what someone is learning. But, unfortunately, in our country, particularly in Baluchistan, there is no practical system.

The teaching system is still constant from the time, when government of Balochistan built schools. Teachers teach the things present in book, give questions and answers to make students memorize just for marks. But unluckily, many of the students cannot remember these questions because they do not understand what they were boning up. Most of them cheat in exams for becoming pass. Their concepts are not clear and they do not have any ability to think about or create something new because they are not taught how to think. Resultantly, we can’t see any scientists, good philosophers and good thinkers in our country. 

The government of Balochistan should take action for this unchangeable teaching method and provide practical system for school students. Otherwise, there will be the same result of our new generation, as it is going on to our robotic stars.


Mubarak Baluch Sajidi

Pirander, Awaran

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